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Faith and Humanity

National Faith Forum speech and an interview with Founder Chris' son, who suffers from a severe speech impediment

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Loeffler is worth $800MM. She's the richest politician in the Senate, and wasn't even elected. She was ss-elected.
These are not very fine people Neo-Nazis, Conspiracy Theorists & corrupt Anti-Semites must be voted out #FlipTheSenate
For The People, for an economy from the least of these our American brethren UP, we must elect Rev Warnock for Georgia.
We tried to tell you.
  • Rebel

    Jacquelyn & Chris
    for the
    Ridin' On 20's
    Rebel Roundtable

    Representing the East Coast and West Coast for the working class, politics in the hip-hop community, popular culture, Black American Justice and LGBTQ+ Civil Rights

Stuart & John

Our history lesson and walk through the history of the battle for Equal Rights and Marriage Equality

Rebel Roundtable

Jacquelyn and I held Roundtable discussions via Zoom with Leaders, formere White House staff, organizations and each other throughout the election year.
Episode 4
Episode 4

Chris and Jacquelyn kick off the first official mainstream YouTube Channel with this Episode on the 2020 Election for Joe Biden against Donald Trump. This will be the last video we record in SD 640x320 format as we switch from Zoom meetings to our brand new YouTube platform and Channel.

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Like the music? Swag releases internationally was released September 23, 2020. Buy or stream on your favorite platform.
Episode 3
Episode 3

This Special Rebel Roundtable features guests and former White House Staff from 43 Alumni for Biden, College Republicans for Biden / Republicans for Biden, Christian Democrats of America, our National DNC Delegation, and Volunteers from Biden for President. We had the rare opportunity to meet and speak with a very impressive group from across the aisle, who believe Joe Biden is the cure to correcting the course and protecting the future of their party.

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Episode 2
Our Thanks to

Episode 2

#BlackLivesMatter, LGBTQ+, Pride and current topics. Just a couple of everyday American Joes & Jacquelyns talking about the state of the world, The People, and our the country we love. Happy 4TH of July, America - wave those banners high with #Pride and say Goodbye to 45. This is the last year and we're lookin' at a #Biden2020Landslide

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Episode 1


$70B HBCUs & Education Investment
$70B investments in HBCUs and other MSIs.
Triple Title I funding, primarily serving teachers and low-income students.
Double mental health professionals in schools.
Building innovative schools in Black and low-income communities.
Recruit teachers with different racial ethnicities and diversify schools.
$20B Justice & Prison Reform + $1B/yr for Juvenile Justice Re
$20B grant program on incarceration prevention and reduction initiatives.
$1B annually towards juvenile justice reform.
Ensure housing, mental health treatment, education opportunities and job training for formerly incarcerated individuals.
Decriminalize Marijuana Federally
The Biden Plan will decriminalize cannabis federally for all states & territories.
All cannabis use convictions will be expunged.
$15,000 up-front federal credit for 1st time homebuyers
The Biden Plan will ensure affordable housing for low-income communities.
End redlining and other discriminatory practices in the housing market.
Protect tenants from eviction.
Expand funding for shelters and other homelessness programs.
$50B Investment in Workforce Training
$50 billion investment in workforce training.
Loan forgiveness for public servants.
Provide two years of community college or high-quality training program.
Dedicate funding for child care and transportation costs.
Protect and Build on Obamacare
Make healthcare affordable, without costs being driven up by Republicans
Offer a public health insurance option, similar to Medicare.
Double investments in community health centers.
Protect mental health parity laws.
Expand funding for mental health services.
Appoint diverse U.S. Supreme Court justices and federal judges
Address systemic misconduct in police departments and prosecutors’ offices.
Eliminate the death penalty and mandatory minimums.
End cash bail and private prisons.
Ensure housing, mental health treatment, education opportunities and job training for formerly incarcerated individuals.
Strengthen the Right to Vote
Restore the Voting Rights Act.
Direct the DOJ to challenge state laws suppressing the right to vote.
Support automatic and same-day voter registration.
End to gerrymandering.
Protect voting booths and voter rolls from foreign powers.
End Violence Against Women
Build on Joe Biden's landmark Violence Against Women Act.
Expanding grants for culturally-specific services.
Dedicate investments in the well-being of adolescent girls of color.
Combat the epidemic of violence against transgender women of color.
$1.7T in a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice
$1.7T over ten years in a clean energy revolution. Reinstate federal land protections for low income communities.
Ensure access to safe drinking water for all communities.
Monitor for lead and other contaminants and hold polluters accountable.
Prioritize communities harmed by climate change and pollution.
$1T Transformational Investment in our Country’s Infrastructure
$1T over ten years to rebuild roads, bridges, railway, freight, and ports.
Boost federal investments in low-income neighborhoods.
Apply James Clyburn’s 10-20-30 formula to all federal programs.
Episode 1

We're kicking off our first episode in low resolution getting a feel for how to do this and shoot DIY, produce and edit down. This first episode covers some introductions on who Jacquelyn and I are, why we support Joe Biden for President, and various current events and topics. Episode 2 will be dedicated to Pride month and LGBTQIA Civil Rights and concerns, and more detail on our lives and our experiences along those lines.
Some music is used without permission and links to buy or stream are provided here. Various soundtrack and background music is original and owned by myself
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On the East Side
"Giving all I have to see my niece and nephew living in a better future". Fox News described Jacqueline, a Security Guard at The New York Times, as an "ordinary worker". We see two everyday Joes and Janes. There was a time when we didn't want polished slick-talkers that were robotic. Now we criticize candidates like Joe for being too human, too down-to-earth. We have a president in the White House who's federal tax system rewards billionaires and punishes the "ordinary worker" all in the name of "creating jobs". We're all already working. If you ask me, a down-to-earth human being is exactly who we need leading this country.


On the West Side
I grew up in the Bay in the 80's and 90's. I was a poor kid with a bad childhood that was on the streets from 14 years old. 12 years of Republican economics made for a childhood that saw both extreme poverty and desperation and extreme wealth and excess. I was a drug addict and hopelessly lost. Gangs, drug dealing, bad people, dodging gunfire and eventually being assaulted and tortured left me a hollow shell of a man, timid and broken, hearing voices and at the edge of insanity. I'm a survivor, by The Grace of God. This year I celebrated 18 years sober. I've raised 3 kids myself from infancy to middle school - and when I say raised, I mean everything. I was a single Dad, just like Joe Biden, raising 3 babies and trying to run my web development business to keep a roof over our heads.



He has been a friend, a dear friend. He's a man of courage, a man with a great conscience, a man of faith," Lewis said in a call with reporters. "He will be a great president. He will lead our country to a better place. He would inspire another generation to stand up, to speak up and to speak out, to be brave and to be bold.
Black Lives Matter

Biden called Floyds death just the latest in a series of injustices stemming from racism against black people, which Biden said was the “original sin” of the United States that “still stains” the nation

When will it end?

When enough people care.
I'll Remember
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