"We’re not the first to establish a set of guiding principles — Harry Truman had ‘The buck stops here,’ and more recently my friend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign was shaped by his team’s ‘rules of the road.’

The Team We Aspire to Be

Joe's Campaign Code

Together, We have a wealth of resources capable of Leading and taking control of the National Narrative - free.

Together, We have a wealth of resources capable of Leading and taking control of the National Narrative - free.


Canvassing & Social Media
Some of the nation's top experts have provided the most effective guidelines, tips, tools, materials and methods to support any Democratic candidate in any election with the strongest and most succesful methods.


Making your candidate National
Rather than pulling you hair out playin whack-a-mole, sending small donations to 8 different causes and ActBlue's, we can be more effective if we simpy focus on what it is to be a Democrat, and what we stand for.

Pro Tips

Expert Guidance
Grassroots candidates and supporters don't have the luxury of being able to hire the world's top designers and marketing agencies. We provide all their tricks, methods and tools.
Professional Branding Tools

When I was growing up, my mom used to always tell me, “Joey, no one is better than you. Everyone is your equal, and everyone is equal to you.”

It wasn’t just a line; it was a code for us to live by—the guardrails our family put in place to help guide our words, our thoughts, our actions, and the way we treated others. It’s the same code I passed on to my children, and that they have passed on to their children in turn.
The principles we’ll live by, reflecting the community we’ve already built, the team we aspire to be, and some of my own personal ‘rules’ as well. I’m excited to share it with you now.
Knowing what that code did for me, my sister Val, and my brothers, I wanted our campaign to have one, too. We’re not the first to establish a set of guiding principles—Harry Truman had ‘The buck stops here,’ and more recently my friend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign was shaped by his team’s ‘rules of the road.’ Being crystal clear about the values that drive you is essential to making good decisions, staying focused on what’s most important, and keeping yourself accountable. That’s why I worked with our supporters and staff to come up with a code for our campaign —

The President's Code











Be Who You Are

The campaign Code isn't about being someone you're not. It isn't about being "nice". If you're a pissed off New Yorker, Joe's not saying to be anything else. Pissed off New Yorker do great things. They've done it before, and they'll continue every time. There's not a single thing we can't do. Empathy, Inclusion, Dignity, and HUMILITY mean we embrace who we really are. And we embrace who you really are.

Joe's code doesn't mean you can never cuss or swear again. It means we hold ourselves to a set of standards. And if you've never seen a Kind New Yorker cussing every step of the way as they show America just exactly what kind of Resiliency and Compassion they have - you've probably never seen a New Yorker in a moment of crisis.

Who We Are



Best Practices

General best practice tips with the Biden for President style and branding

Download Files

Font Packages in Web AND Print


Cut, Read & Responsive Margins

Presidential Seal

Homage to the City Featured
Note that all colors in the photography cimpliment the Biden palette and style guide

Main Title

Bold Biden-Branded Heading
The Main 3-Sec Message
  • Margins

    Cut, Read & Responsive Margins
  • Presidential Seal

    Homage to the City Featured
    Note that all colors in the photography cimpliment the Biden palette and style guide
  • Main Title

    Bold Biden-Branded Heading
    The Main 3-Sec Message

Why it Matters

Staying On-Brand
When the internet is cluttered with a mess of over-stimulating, busy, inconsistant and mismatching branding that hasn't even the slighest elements in common with eachother, it creates a disconnected chaos of messaging. To be effective, we don't have to have millions of dollars at our disposal. But, we can follow the same steps that make them succesful and effective. If we clean up, unify, and own our own brand as Democrats, every candidate will benefit. Campaign collateral will be immediately recognizable and even the poorest grassroots candidates can have a fair shot - because their materials are visual communication looks just as professional and of the same brand as our candidates with $100MM cash on hand.

Please remember, our job as supporters (many of us professionals), is not to express our own creativity. Our job is to effectively convert votes and win seats. We are here to promote the Party and the candidate - not ourselves.

  • Image Effects

    Photography with lots of color almost always benefits from a Screen layer effect (or Adobe blend-mode for web CSS) using the dark blue #0b1630 (RGB 11, 22, 48), and depending on the image may need a second layer or layers using Soft Light or Multiply to darken the image down, as the Screen effect can sometimes wash an image to pale. Remember to keep a good contrast ratio to stay ADA compliant and ensure the poor-of-sight can see and read your message.
  • Margins

    These Twitter images are created at 1062x722, although the ideal image size should be 16:9 at with a double margin to ensure the BIDEN logo is not cropped out, and the messaging - which follows the 3 second rule - is vertically centered. No matter what device, the message and logo will always be legible and visible.

Official Branding

The White House AND Biden-Harris Style Guide
The official Biden for President logo was fantastic. Beyond invoking the traditional Red, White and Blue American flag colors - it literally read as "President Biden". This strategic kind of design is so well thought-out. As with any business, in the beginning, we need to establish trust, reliability and stability. Strong, bold, caps fonts promote all of these qualities in logo design. Americans got used to associating "Biden" with "President" every time they saw that logo.
As any organization or business grows and starts to become a large entity, you'll notice that succesful ones start to shrink the size of the logo - and eventually change from the bold all-caps power symbolism to a non-threatening lowercase and thinner weight font. Walmart used to be all-caps, with big, chunky lettering. Even the star has been re-designed, and they use thin-weight and well spaced letters to be more friendly and unintimidating. Amazon's logo is another great example, as the re-designed branding effectively did two things at once: Draw a line from A-to-Z, and put a smile on every box.

New Branding

We are making updates live and as we can, to reflect the new look of the Biden Administration. Decimal and Mercury Roman (bold or heavy weights, all-caps with appropriate spacing) will be detailed shortly.
  • Joe Navy

  • Biden Blue

  • Amtrack Gray

  • Presidential Bronze

  • Biden for President Red

  • Biden-Harris Red

Primary Background

On the Biden Blue Background

Secondary Background

On the Joe Navy Background

Muted Background

On Gray, Pastel or Pale Backgrounds

White Background

Paper-white Backgrounds

Basic Marketing Principles

The following are guidelines that can be trusted to result in clean, easy-to-read and memorable graphic content that follows the Biden-Harris Administration's branding. Following these simple guidelines will be effective and have the best chance at viewer engagement and retention.
  • An image that resonates on an emotional level with the target audience
  • A 3-second or less message
  • Avoid clutter. No more than 2 font styles max. All-caps Decimal Black for headings, Decimal Bold for Subheadings, Mercury Roman in bold (with letter spacing) for body. Paragraphs can use normal (non-caps) Decimal.
  • Limit font colors. No more than 2 main colors should be used unless it's a subtle difference for emphasis. Always use Biden for President palette.
  • Using the dark blue, most images benefit from a solid Adobe Screen blending effect or layer effect. Some images may benefit from an additional dark blue layer or gradient to transparent to make the White Biden logo "pop"
  • Margins are important and should always keep text/copy 1/4" inch or equivalent pixel ratio from the edge to leave a bleed for potentially responsive digital cropping.
  • Except in rare instances, photography of Joe Biden should always have a solid #0b1630 layer with a Screen blend style (or blend-mode in CSS) over top, giving a cool tone to his images
  • For Headings and text that "pop", On warm-toned photography, use the Dark Navy Blue for sections and text/copy background. For cool-tone photography, use the Red. Do not use the solid Red over the light blue. Instead, use the pastel/pink Red over the darkest navy blue. Contrast is important for clarity, accessibility and legibility. Bright font colors on bright background colors makes the text difficult to read for those who have accessibility needs

One last thing...

Never use the three bar stlye E in any typography other than the Biden official logo. Nothing will spoil a good design quicker. The 3-bar E should only be used for the logo and nothing else.


On the web, responsive designers are well acquainted with how the orientation and screen width or height can effect the layout. In flat design, it's much easier to control the layout and ensure proper alignment and flow for easy to read, clear messaging.
  • Do

    Use the Dark Blue over bright backgrounds
  • Do Not

    Use Bright Red over Bright Blue
  • Do

    Use the White Biden logo over images or colored backgrounds
  • Do Not

    Use the White Biden logo over light or pale backgrounds
  • Do

    Use sharp, clear headings with 5 words or less
  • Do Not

    Use Headings for the entire content
  • Do

    If using the italic style, a sharp solid color shadow is okay
  • Do Not

    Never use a black or blurred, softened drop-shadow

Color Rules

One of the quickest ways viewers judge ads or designs as professional (and therefore trustworthy) or amateur, is by it's use of color. One soft black drop shadow can ruin an otherwise great design. Bright red on bright blue - or 4 differant colors can send the viewers eye bouncing all over and make retaining the messsage and/or call-to-action extemely difficult.


Using a 60/30/10 rule, or 70/30, ensures color doesn't look abrasive or too loud to read. We need to also ensure we meet W3C compliance in contrast ratios for the poor-of-sight, so proper contrast and lightness ratios are important. With the Biden branding, some basic things to avoid are noted below...

Type Hierarchy

Headings are big, short and should never have more than 4-5 words. Subheadings are smaller, use the Brother 1816 Medium style, and are either italic or normal. Subheadings should be one or the other - never both. Body copy (text) should always use a standard Normal or 500 font-weight.

Use All-Caps sparingly

The ALL-CAPS, Black (900 weight) Brother 1816 font is fantastic. The only caveat is that volunteers and student or new designers may overuse the ALL-CAPS heading, making it difficult to read and stick the messaging. If you can help it, try to keep a nice hierarchy so that major headings (usually one or two words) use this for impact. It can also be really useful and look clean and well-designed to use am all-caps subheading with significant letter-spacing (leading) for smaller H4 or H5 subheadings.


Layout and Color

Matching the mood

It's easy to see in the examples in the slideshow which images match the message, image, mood and target the best. What's not immediately obvious is that each of these shows the same exact product

Great Design

Watch for some common mistakes in spacing, alignment and content-aware design that make all the difference in the world. Connecting on an emotional level with your audience through a still image or design can be hindered by simple things that are easy to prevent.

Matching the Imagery

There's something to be said for curating and choosing photography that works well with the Biden official branding to begin with, but, both the image and the message should pay attention to eachother. If we're talking about Georgia, we should be using photography of Georgia. And likewise, the messaging should pay attention to both the flow and the colors of the image.
Chris 🦅
@GregAbbott_TX A right to VOTE is a Constitutional Right guaranteed ALL Americans. The GOP Has not just threatened - but taken away the right to vote for millions of Americans; an injustice against America herself. Restoring parts of the Brady Ban President Reagan helped write isn’t an attack.
Chris 🦅
A year on, my son has advanced almost an entire grade level. He’s almost on the honor roll. What a difference a good speech pathologist & public school made. Christopher—Daddy’s very proud of you. And like our @potus, I know exactly what it is to raise my babies from babies 🙏
Chris 🦅
@POTUS Our wages. Our Jobs. An Economy from the bottom UP - for the everyday American, not the filthy rich. The filthy rich siphoning money out of everyday Americans ends with US. #BuildBackBold #BuildBackBetter #DemVoice 🇺🇸
Chris 🦅
When you’re doing Right, and doing Good, being Honest, Remaining resolute, Continuing to Persevere, and Staying Focused, you’re A-BIDEN. #dadjokes #GoodNightTwitterWorld
Chris 🦅
@KneiserJoe @LepapillonBlu @leahphleveridge @DawnEe777 @moodysally1 @skyling19 @WillSing4TP @GrandpaSnarky @missmcquick @Speed_Peete @Mitzi_LadyB @CatEyezGreen_ @catsequalneko @resisterclaire @KelleyRose20 100% Yaaeeyeayee 🤘 Now let’s stop these Anti-American Neanderthals a second time and pass the biggest Economic Agenda directly For The People since FDR. The Rich sucking the life and possibilities out of everyday Americans ends with us! 🦅🇺🇸
Chris 🦅
I’d like to speak to the Manager. Asking for 81MM voters AND all the Americans that aren’t allowed to ask, Around 100MM more Americans. #AccountabilityNow #wtpBLUE #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct #HR1 #PassHR1 #VotingRightsAct #VoterSuppression #RepublicanHypocrites #GOPTraitors…
Chris 🦅
The People are the voters: ALL AMERICANS ARE guaranteed the right to be heard under The Constitution. Nothing could be more Anti-American than a Republic by SELECT people FOR select People. That is the definition of Authoritarianism. #DefendDemocracy #VotingRightsAct…
Chris 🦅
If the GOP were sincere and had any backbone, they could never attack a plan that brings Manufacturing, Tens of Millions of American Jobs and cuts off foreign outsourcing, factories and oil. Our energy. Our jobs. Our wages. 🇺🇸 The fact is, the GOP is Anti-American. #GOPHypocrisy
Chris 🦅
*Voters rejected BOTH conservatism and socialism. (Typos are kinda my thing). Voters didn’t choose anything radical. This isn’t fantasy wishes or radical Trump rich white people economics - it’s good old fashioned from-the-bottom-up Keynesian Economics that put The People First.
Chris 🦅
If you look at the plans objectively, it makes sense for everyone. The more everyday people thrive, the more bills get paid and the more businesses flourish. All those companies *got rich under Obama*—most of them also paying California taxes. 🚫Stop Misinformation & Propaganda
Chris 🦅
Progressives don’t love that I’ve kept everything up from The Primary now that we’re all together with a #VOTEBLUENOMATTERWHO #VoteBlue2022 mission—but I think it would be an injustice to the POC, especially WOC that rejected Dem Socialism & Trump’s Rich-First top-down radicalism
Chris 🦅
This hasn been the plan since we first set out to create an economy from the bottom-UP in 2019. We campaigned against Bernie in the Primary on this. Voters chose to *restore* taxes on #Corporations at a level still lower than any President but Trump…
Chris 🦅
@D_jeneration @HenryDNGU1 So we know the first two and we know the Agenda he detailed in the campaign. He could potentially accomplish all of his Agenda. I think I know #3 1. #AmericanRescuePlan Stimulus & Covid 2. #AmericanJobsPlan Net 0 Energy & Massive Infrastructure 3.
Chris 🦅
Look at the regional & state politics and the candidates. Here’s a list of all the Democrats that unseated an incumbent Republican: 1. President Biden 2. Rev Warnock After the special election, Sen @ossoff makes 3 Every other Dem Challenger lost Democrats must learn & adjust…
Chris 🦅
@Mary1Kathy @Tinker_Bell_04 @BarackObama I wish they would. I’ve noticed lots of phrases, imagery and details they’ve used that are identical to mine. I haven’t had contact w the campaign since he was given Service detail, but I think the Biden Alumni pay attention. Lets hope our Defense is never compromised again.
Chris 🦅
No one should be able to rob your Constitutional right to vote. Allowing any state or party to systematically target BIPOC and other minorities to stop their voices from being heard is a crime that must never be allowed to stand. #VoterSuppression #VotingRightsAct…
Chris 🦅
@rena_korb @DemCastUSA @DemocracyStorm @stuartgaffney @Analisa_Swan @joanne_oyer @DonMoss48154060 Aw I didn’t know :) I’m an artist too I just rarely ever do it because it takes so much time and so much effort. My goal was originally to make Joe genuinely cool, and keep the campaign from letting it all look like an Obama rerun. My living 🇵🇹 Grandpa was prior in 2018 🎁
Chris 🦅
@rena_korb @DemCastUSA @DemocracyStorm @stuartgaffney @Analisa_Swan @joanne_oyer @DonMoss48154060 Might be my favorite graphic of all time from the entire campaign. There were so many more personal and moving ones that resonated, but this one symbolized the amazing campaign we ran. Built Tough. Underestimated. A Long Road Ahead. Driving on toward the Light. President.
Chris 🦅
As #Christian Americans celebrate the day of rebirth and return, we’re reminded that humanity’s greatest moments nearly always come after great tragedy and loss. We will rise. We will #BuildBackBetter #AmericanJobsPlan New activist graphics updated: 🦅🇺🇸
Chris 🦅
Net Zero by 2030. If we #BuildBackBetter - It will come. Millions of jobs will be created, roads, highways, bridges, subways, electric rail...all #MadeInAmerica and no more dependence on foreign oil. Our energy. Our jobs. Our future. 🦅🇺🇸…
Chris 🦅
To all those that celebrate - Happy Easter! This year we truly are making all things NEW #HappyEaster #Easter2021 #HeIsRisen #PresidentBiden #KeepTheFaith 🦅🇺🇸
Chris 🦅
Chris 🦅
#HappyEaster2021 to all that celebrate. I can’t wait to share this Instant Classic with these Leaders; Broken glass breaking at the close of #WomensHistoryMonth, 🏳️‍⚧️ Legislature and the #AmericanRescuePlan Were ready to #BuildBackBetter💰#wtpBLUE
Chris 🦅
Sound Up! What an amazing meeting today with @DemCastUSA, @DemocracyStorm, @stuartgaffney, John Lewis, @Analisa_Swan, @rena_korb, @joanne_oyer and USAF Ret Vet @DonMoss48154060 discussing the Road Ahead for Democrats across America. These amazing activists were FIRE 🔥
Chris 🦅
We cant call ourselves the Party of inclusion, love & tolerance if we are intolerant. We can’t judge every human by standards no real human can live up to. Know that what most people present online is a shiny object. Billions of people are human in every way. Love them. #HRC
Chris 🦅
The web and Twitter-verse can be cruel. What you devote yourself to can be destroyed in a day with one voice. But a single voice can also change the world. I stand with @POTUS - Lets practice LOVE as a verb, be just a little less mean, and embrace our imperfect, human people.
Chris 🦅
RT @D_jeneration: Don't know about you but I am forever #RidinWithBiden
Chris 🦅
We’ve had some tough times and some great ones. We been at the brink - and we’ve been through the ringer. This year was a tough one. But I couldn’t have wished up a better partner in life to tackle it all with. To all the friends who’ve loved us along the way—we love you, too ♥️
Chris 🦅
Getting Disney Music to license a street performer to play a Disney song in public is hard enough - but on a Disney property? March 26, 2016 she said yes with Resort One and her Sis standing by, just as the fireworks went off.
Chris 🦅
For those that don’t know us, it was right here on Twitter that we met, 7 years ago, talking A’s baseball. I had been raising my kids since they were infants, and she wasn’t deterred. It’s not easy to date when you can’t leave the house. We met on my birthday, and she stopped...

Dimensions & Guides

  • 1920x1080 is the resolution of iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus has the same resolution, and a 16:9 display ratio. As long as there is a comfortable margin, designs at this size should fit most displays. When in doubt, create at a 16:9 ratio with a wide bleed or margin area
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max has a resolution of 2688 × 1242, at 459PPI. The below are designed at 1436 x 3113px. This is a 19.5:9 ratio - slighty skinnier. Most Widescreen TVs and Mobile devices has a 16:9 ratio and this will be the standard, whereas 19.5:9 is less common.
  • In Selecting license-free photography, we always try to avoid Postcard-like cliche images. To really resonate on an emotional level with the viewer, the photography needs to either resonate with a feeling, cause, or place that speaks to the viewer. For example, most political campaigns when tasked with creating something for Sacramento, California, would immediately design something with the Capital building. However, that building doesn't have much to do with daily life for Americans in Sacramento. The trian, however, is something everyone living in or visiting Sacramento from Northern California passes and instantly recognizes as "Sac Town". It also calls back to the VP's roots, unions, and the working-class Joe our base identifies with.

Story & Phone Wallpaper

The New York Times

The Façade of Democracy

Democracy, a form of government in which people are given the privilege to choose their government legislators, guarantees human rights…

Biden’s Actions on Gun Control Disappoint
We Don’t Have To Pretend Republicans Know What They’re Doing

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp isn’t playing three-dimensional chess with the state’s new election law. He’s just being a Republican.

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