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This grassroots website and band of Biden-Harris supporters began in 2019, shortly after Joe Biden announced his candidacy for President of The United States. is founded by Chris, from California. As a Senior Marketing Strategist, Branding Specialist, and owner of a Web Development, Design and Advertising business, I had resources and skills most people do not. For nearly two years, I spent, on average, 12 hours a day marketing, designing, consulting, advising and growing this website as the largest resource for Biden and Biden-Harris supporters online. As of the Inauguration, the website has reached more than 28,000,000 people and it's campaign designs and graphics have been downloaded more than 19 million times.

In the beginning, the Biden campaign was severely underfunded and working with a shoe-string budget. With the exception of a handful of staff that had been with him for many years, Joe Biden had only raised $53 million when the Democratic Primary was approaching a vote. Bernie Sanders had amassed a wealth of $333 million, had essentially campaigned for five years, and had kids on college campuses across the United States. We had 2 people on bare-minimum stipends for all of California - a state with over 40 million people.

The canvassing and print collateral provided was printed and made by Union workers, as Unions are so important to Joe Biden. But the design of the print collateral can only be described as what would have only been passable when I first began my career in 1999. It's important to make a distinction between the Digital Team and this print collateral. The Digital Team, aided by Teal, was exceptional from the beginning. The Biden President logo was a masterpiece, which I've described on the page dedicated to designers. It wasn't just the all-caps bold "trustworthy" font face - it was the fact that for a full year all of America saw the words "President" and "Biden" always together. The logo alone did, in my opinion, more for winning the Primary than any marketing they had ever produced to that point.

So what was the problem with the print collateral and canvassing? For starters, it consisted of two things: Postcards that asked people to physically mail an "I will vote" pledge, and Brochures that had a mess of something like 8 pictures of Joe Biden on the front, grayscale, desaturated, and with dark colors that looked gloomy and would not pass ADA muster. If you approached any marketing professional and asked them how to market an Elder white man to some 240~ million people how many do you think would suggest a collage of his face a zillion times without any color, vibrance or life? The brochures looked more like the kind of handout you get at a memorial - or at the very kindest, an add for a retirement home. Even retirement homes try to be sunny, bright and full of life. These missed all those marks. And the worst crime of all is it did not match either who Joe Biden is as a person - and neither did it match his wants and desires for what he wanted his campaign to be about.

Where I came in...

After an impassioned phone call to our State Director at the time, I decided I needed to fill the gaps they couldn't. Money was the issue. They just didn't have any. They couldn't afford the kind of professionals it would take to teach them how to market in a digital world in 2020, or how to emulate the same one-on-one connection Joe is so easily able to make with people in person, through marketed materials. Joe Biden himself stayed on-brand and on-message, but the work they were able to afford did not. Absolutely everyone in this country knows what Joe Biden looks like. He, himself, did not campaign on touting his smile or a campaign that glorified him. So the fact that the marketing materials were so off-brand was glaring to me.

At the time, although my business and my taxes had been negatively affected by Trump, both my business and my family were okay. My wife was a full time Student at her State University and managed a Gym full-time. I ran my business from home, as I've done since 2009. With 22 years (21 at the time) into my career, I happen to a relatively well regarded expert in Strategic Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Development, Large-Scale Web Design, Branding, Advertising, Data-driven Targeted Ad Writing, as well as a career professional with over a decade in both the printing and digital industries. I have a deep understanding of color theory, lighting, offset press and digital fine art printing, traditional marketing collateral and graphic design. My little firm has served over 500 clients, typically aimed at higher brow, large-scale clients and noteworthy, sizeable brands like The Oakland Athletics, Leapfrog, Turnitin, or Pixar.

This professional background and the field I'm in give me a wide range of resources most people do not have. As did everyone that contributed to this campaign - we use what we know, with what we have, and what we're good at.

Having the resources at my disposal, and being financially "okay" at the time, I was able to build this website and throw myself into what became no less than 12 hours a day, 7 days a week designing campaign collateral that both looked like Joe Biden's message, and would resonate with The People he aimed to represent.

Timeline of our campaign

Spring 2019

It Begins

Summer 2019

The underdog

Fall 2019

All Sides

December 2019

VP Harris?

Jan - Feb 2020

The uphill climb

The March


The Work

AAfter joining the Biden Front groups on Twitter, and posting a massive amount of content to Twitter daily, this website and my contributions had grown into becoming a resource for graphics and designs to campaign with. These resources leveraged the skills, expertise, and knowledge I’ve gained over more than two decades. Having these uncommon resources at my disposal, and an ability to resonate with The People, I dedicated myself to creating content that would be on-brand with who he is as a person, and who he was as a candidate. All-in-all, I’ve contributed what would be about half of a million dollars of billable time to this cause. The campaign simply did not have the money or the expertise to communicate the values and the messaging Joe Biden communicated in real life in a digital medium. All the way up to the Primary, “Team Joe” were the underdogs. The Beto teams had embraced Joe Biden with complete abandon: fully, and completely devoted. This website, at the time, focused most of the free resources on providing CMYK 5x7 postcard designs people could print at their local print-shop or even from their home computer. I went state-by-state, and hardly anything I created had Joe Biden's picture on it. Instead, I focused on The People.

Good marketing and good design is simple and communicates the intended message in 3 seconds or less. Great marketing should also strike an emotional chord with the viewer. Amateur design gets you the kind of collage, montage, MySpace messes we're all used to seeing from MAGA world.

Amateur designers think the job is about being creative and expressing themselves. Professionals see the job as having the responsibility of ensuring that all marketing and visual communication is on-brand and represents the company, product - or in this case, the candidate. Professionals make the work about the client’s message, the target market, and the brand. Amateurs make the work about themselves. It's really that simple.

For example, Let’s imagine an amateur designer had been tasked with creating a social media design or postcard design for Biden for President. The market they plan on these designs being distributed to is Sacramento, CA. They would likely either use a photo of the Capitol building, or Joe himself. Really bad design might include the Capitol and Joe in a collage. Another possible faux pas would be to include a bunch of colors or fonts that weren’t in the brand’s official color palette and brand style guide. Layout alone can make a design bad, with zig-zagging alignment that makes it difficult for the viewer to follow and scan. For the purposes of this example, I’m going focus strictly on the subject matter. Amateur design would lean either towards self-expression, or generic postcard-like designs.

What would a professional do? Tasked with the same target market, an expert would consider 1. Who we're trying to speak to, 2. What we want to say, and 3. What will resonate with them on an emotional and personal level? So, instead of a building most people that live in Sacramento have only ever seen once (maybe twice), they would do something like what I did: Use the train and the Sacramento Port practically everyone passes each day on their drive. Another professional approach would be to look at the People, the faces; the typical day in the life of someone from Sacramento that Joe Biden might be able to win over.

As March rolled around, the tiny underfunded, underdog campaign had sent out the National Organizing Director and the ONE field organizer tasked with all of Northern California. I had pointed out what I saw as critical mistakes, and a serious miscalculation and misunderstanding of Joe's base. Rather than setup shop in The Bay Area and Sacramento where I believed Joe's base was - they set up their headquarters in SoCal, where Bernie Sanders dominated. The campaign was so poor, they'd given us ONE organizer for all of NorCal - and she was literally knocking on doors and driving hours to visit a single house. We have over 6 million people here. But The South - and Black Women, specifically, came through like a hammer and the smashed the Primary with an impact so loud it could be heard 3,000 miles away in San Francisco. By the time they had flown away the next week and swapped in a new organizer, they were finally starting to listen. Not only did that organizer agree, he was vocal about it. He reiterated that not having QR codes on the canvassing material - and the quality - was something that looked (in his words) like it was made in 2004. He threw their print material in the trash and used mine. He also listened to my suggestions on how to reach people when you have one person on-foot trying to canvass 6 million Bay Area residents, and directly defied his instructions. Instead, he did what I suggested: He went to our BART (subway) stations and passed out signs, flyers and our print collateral. He spoke directly to commuters coming in and out of the station.

The Acid Test! Does it actually work? Judge for yourself. The areas in California where we won in the Primary were the exact areas I had identified to the Biden campaign and had him (and myself) targeting. Blue collar, working class, everyday Americans. Not the filthy rich. Not the elderly. Not upper middle-class white suburbanites. Working class, everyday Americans that pay rent. This didn't apply to just my home state. As I campaigned nation-wide in every state, watching the data of visitors to the website, their GEO location, and their engagement - I saw that what I and our grassroots team were doing was working. The Official campaign's on-the-ground efforts? Not so much. "Iowa was a **** show" was a quote I heard from the actual staff who worked in Iowa.

I can't stress enough how much I literally begged the campaign to focus on a digital campaign, use QR codes on print collateral, and stop knocking on doors nationwide. I begged them to go Digital.
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Joe Biden
Despite the campaign's decision and intentional set-up of their California HQ in Los Angeles, it was The Bay Area and Sacramento that overwhelmingly chose Joe. So many, in such populous areas, that he nearly beat Bernie with just NorCal's Bay Area and Sacramento-Tahoe counties alone. This map looks like what we would have seen if we had lost Georgia to the GOP. It proved two things: 1. That the campaign had mistaken who Joe Biden's core base was, and 2. That working class, everyday culture in highly populated, highly diverse areas wanted Joe Biden - and rejected Bernie Sanders. Wealthy areas, majority white and rural areas unanimously chose Bernie. Most of those counties, not unlike Georgia, pale in population.

Beto Supporters

I'll be highlighting select people that I think deserve special thanks and to be honored for going so far above and beyond, but Beto supporters across the board enthusiastically devoted themselves to the Biden campaign long, long before any other teams came into the fold. The Beto Road Warriors became The Biden Flight Crew. Jessica M Drass launched a "Biden is Punk AF" campaign of events for Gen X'ers and the actual base that wanted Joe the most.

The Human President

As the campaign, our grassroots movement, Beto supporters and new support from Kamala Harris, a few from Warren and Team Pete came into the fold, we became a united, well-oiled machine and a force to be reckoned with. The Trump campaign had no idea how to attack us. It was as if all of their attack plans had been written out to attack Bernie, and they had no clue how to adjust for someone like Joe.

Instead of following Trump's footsteps, we, like Joe, EMBRACED the fact that he was very human. The Human President! Someone who makes mistakes, has failed, has suffered, has lost, had struggled with a speech impediment his whole life, and who entered the White House as the poorest Vice President (a net worth of negative -$200k+) and left the 2nd highest office with a net worth of just that year's salary. Sure, they tried to say he hadn't done anything in all his years in the Senate. The facts disagreed. He's passed more bills than all but one Senator in his tenure. They tried to say he was "low energy" like Jeb!...but one-handed drinks of water and the press having to keep up with him jogging told a different story. And the campaign began to reflect who Joe Biden is, most importantly. The Atlantic's article about Joe's lifelong struggle disarmed opponents and humanized an already down-to-earth human being. People like me shared their stories of our sons (or daughers or their own lifelong challenges) en masse. My son's story is still pinned to my Twitter.

The Attacks

I don't have to tell anyone that worked on this campaign about the attacks. We all know. Back in 2016, when I had been fighting for Hillary, there were so many points where I kept my mouth closed and didn't say out loud I thought time and again (oh no, she might lose this). Not much can compare to the "Knights of the West" KKK doxing me and tracking down my wife's workplace, and threatening my family's lives typing back to me (and reading back on the phone to my wife) our home address, calling up *that word*- lovers. But in numbers? The thousands of Social Media accounts that attacked Joe and our campaign from the left were unlike anything I can even begin to describe.

Troll farms. Real people. Fake Accounts. Foreign hired help. They came by the thousands. They exploited a vulnerability in The Democratic Party that had been open from at least a decade.

Republicans had been succesfully defining and branding Democrats as the party of "free stuff" since Sarah Palin in 2007.

Tap or Click on the specific threats above, or use the link here to review all:

Everyday Joes, Janes and Jacquelyn Brittany

Everyday Americans like Laurie Goff explained to America what it meant to them to watch an older white man "play second fiddle" in the shadow of a young Black man with grace and respect, for 8 years. And when the New York Times made a failed attempt to play all safe cards and be extra diplomatic, deciding in their board room who to endorse - Jacquelyn Brittany was right there in the elevator to remind America that board rooms and elite CEO's don't represent the hearts, souls and minds of everyday Americans. Had they bothered to ask her? Had anyone in the media bothered to ask everyday people? And Jacquelyn became a symbol for what this campaign was really about: Everyday Americans. Not the rich. Not the powerful. Regular folks.

The next day, I tracked her down and reached out. I can remember vividly, walking my dog in the hot California sun talking to her and feeling like we had already known each other for a lifetime. We made some plans, got her a great phone with the best camera we could and a tripod. The media took notice and made their rounds interviewing her on tv. But together, we gave America her voice without the limitations, rules and do's and don'ts of the press. And our slogan: Everyday Joes, Janes & Jacquelyns, was born.



The Culture

The BLM worldwide movement

The March

The boiling point. The last straw. The culmination of a hundred Rodney Kings on a slow-drip installment plan. However you describe it, America was done. Remember those drum emojis? Remember the different "teams" Democrats claimed in the Primary? March 2020's drums symbolized not only turning the corner and taking the Lead as the top candidate and campaign for Democrats - but it also doubled as a symbol of THE March for Civil Rights, Racial Justice and an end to the killing RIGHT. NOW. AND. NOT. ONE. MINUTE. LONGER.

There was no more ignoring and sweeping it under the rug. Dismissing and handing out hall passes to justify every killing of every soul after soul after soul after soul as "one bad actor" ran out of stock like toilet paper and baby wipes. Major League Baseball - the most conservative national sport watched by all races and cultures, painted BLM logos and held ceremonies at every ballpark. Every major company suddenly acknowledged America was DONE with the cowardly, racially targeted killing of unarmed Black Americans and CHILDREN. The contrast of pale HWHITE Kyle murdering and mass-shooting the children and parish of a Black Church and being not only taken alive but treated to a HAMBURGER on his way to jail while George Floyd was executed with a smirk, unarmed, finally shook the intoxicated nation out of its drunken stupor with an undeniable all-channel example of the most extreme difference in Police treatment possible, couldn't be excused by anything anymore. We watched as former acquaintances on Facebook defended angry White men plowing through, running over and murdering unarmed AMERICANS in their compensation Trucks reveal their racism to the world. Black Americans, and we Americans that aren't the picture of racist inhumanity and sociopathy, didn't need to point out how ugly Karen's, BBQ Becky's and Billy Jethro Joe Bobs were - they were pointing themselves out with the same "lol" and inhuman smirks hallmarked by Neo Nazis, KKK and Psychopathic serial killers in the mug shots of our history books most evil. The Charlottesville Neo-Nazi, tiki-torch mob that Joe Biden decided he couldn't sit on the sideline and watch doing nothing, had grown and spread to the mainstream. The same Republican Party that ran on being all about Americans revealed itself as the party that believed half of Americans weren’t worthy of life. Hitler had a phrase for that in the 1930's, and the MAGA and Q culture didn't just stop hiding it - they printed up T-Shirts and took selfies, filmed themselves and spread their anti-Semitic and anti-Black racist hate and vein-bulging bile in plain sight with reckless abandon. And as we say in the Bay, "Don’t get it twisted" - they're still doing it right now. After all of this, they made their latest and most massive statement a world-wide one, seizing the Capitol of The United States of America with zip ties and a domestic terrorist attack on the Nation itself less than two weeks ago today. The "America First" party attacked America itself. The "'Murica First" party attacked Democracy itself. The "If you don't love 'Murica get the hell out" Presidency is now guaranteed to be remembered as the Presidency that hated Americans so much they attacked America - and our Police - itself.

JOE Biden

John Lewis, Clyburn, Abrams, The South, The Movement
After Candidate Joe Biden catapulted ahead and demolished the Democratic Primary with a comeback and underdog story unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime, his tiny out-raised miniature budget campaign was cemented. Americans - Real, everyday Americans that pay rent, work hard, and don't own stocks and nice vacation homes, had chosen Character, Empathy, and a human being. They chose a man they had personally seen help, visit, remember them, and champion their communities over the years. Black Women and The South made their voices heard. They had something to say. It wasn't Socialism. It wasn't Build a Wall. It most definitely wasn't "they're takin' our jobs!" or "they're erasing us and our confederate heroes!". Joe. And more importantly, "This ends NOW."

Ally-ship and our Online Movement

The Biden for President Campaign reached its full potential and grew to become a national movement alongside the March for racial Justice and reform. We held the longest and larges lead over a sitting incumbent president in recorded history from Spring 2020 through Summer and into Fall/Autumn. Joe Biden didn't shy away from his support for Black Lives Matter and Black Americans suffering, grieving, and grappling with a never ending saga of death and injustice. And Rep Clyburn, Stacy Abrams, Symone Sanders and The Honorable John Lewis we not just friends of Joe - they were people he regarded with Honor and Admiration, who endorsed and embraced his Leadership and the continuous stark contrast of his ACTIONS opposite Trump. Joe visited the families. Joe called families. Joe kneeled, mourned and took notes. He prayed. He showed up. And as he had done throughout his career, he walked - and now Marched & jogged - as an Ally without reservation.


An extension of my letter at the top of this page, I do not believe that any group, person, organization, PAC, team, or Activist can claim credit for winning the 2020 Election. It would fail to recognize how small we are when measured against the 240,000,000 Americans in this country; the tiny fraction of voters influenced by tweets, social media content or ads; the number of people who were swayed and won over not by their own agency, minds, and hearts, but the influence of any one of us - or the President's own due credit for a campaign, debates, policies, and actions. President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will probably never get the full credit he deserves. The thing is, we’re talking about Joe Biden. We’re talking about a man of Humility, that wouldn't praise himself, but give the credit to others and to God, anyway,
Note: This list does not include Stars, Actors and Musicians, or Political Figures
This list is merely to sing the praises of some unsung heroes of this campaign and 202Won.
  • The South
    Black Women & Black Voters
  • Jacquelyn Brittany
    NYT Security Guard
    Icon & Symbol of Everyday Americans
    Fist citizen to nominate a President
  • The Biden Front Group
  • The Navajo Nation
  • Native Tribes of America
    Indigenous Tribes all
  • Americans with Disabilites
  • Stuart Gaffney and
    John Lewis
    Marriage Equality Founders
    Among "The First Ten"
  • The LGBTQIA+ Community
  • Beto Supporters
    Jessica M Drass
    Biden Flight Crew
    Biden is Punk AF
  • Joanne B of SF
    Biden Champion
    Independent Investigator
  • Todos con Biden y
    Cubanos con Biden
    Boricuas con Biden y
    Latina, Latino, LatinX
    Americanos con Biden
  • The Lincoln Project
    Most Influential PAC
  • Christian Democrats
    of America
  • Chuck Numenor
    Founder wtpBLUE
  • wtpBiden Group
  • Nationwide WOC
  • Women for Biden
  • HBCU's for Biden
  • Universities for Biden
  • MoveOn
  • 43 Alumni for Biden
  • GOP for Joe
  • Meidas Touch
  • We Got A Voice 2 PAC
  • Catholics for Biden
  • Believers for Biden
  • Everyday American Joe
    Everyday Biden-Harris
    Twitter Group
  • Biden Battle Room
    Bernie Oppo Room
    Biden Situation Room
    Biden-Harris Battle Room
  • Analisa Swan
  • Jill Stohs
  • Real Chatty Cat
  • Trudy Gonzales
  • Apryl Smith
  • KeepTheFaithOrg
  • Mike Barnbaum
  • CaliforniaBeto
  • Denise
  • Glamuary
  • James Climate Crisis
  • Brandi (KC)
  • Kerry Townsend
  • Scranton4Biden
    The Kearns Family
  • Persian Soulton
  • Henry Djoutsa
  • Wonder King
  • Julyte
  • Veda
  • Sharon
  • Carmen
  • Tara Ewald
  • Sleuthy Kyle
  • Angie K
  • 1zzy
  • Cindy (GA)
  • Gayle (KC)
  • Admiral T
  • Biden_Army
  • Jacqueline Westman
  • Josh D
  • Rena
  • Malena
  • Andrew Goss USAF
  • Elaine
  • Fresh Voices Rise Group
    Images by Fresh
Grassroots Heroes of 202Won


Taking an honest look at what we did right, and what we didn't. The Road Ahead for us will be based in Facts, Science, Data and Truth.

Professional Analysis

My Audit is based on data & Expertise
In the online world, it's all too common for people to think of everyone as just another person. The rare exception is our obsession with celebrities, and, at least for thinking people, scientists, and Doctors. For my analysis of our campaign to mean anything to anyone, I have to qualify it first by reiterating that I'm analyzing our successes and failures and the threats we face(d) based on real data and 22 years of expertise, specifically in online result-focused marketing and analytics. Having had around 29MM visitors to this website over two years of campaigning, and a solid six months where people thought this was the Official Biden website, I have hundreds of thousands of attack reports that tell me exactly where attacks came from, their country or state of origin, and the hashtags and content associated with those IP addresses. I'm not giving the opinion of a random cis-het "white dude", but the professional analysis of an expert.

Trump, MAGA and QAnon

Like what we discovered with the Vaccine "plan" being non-existent after President Biden was sworn in, Trump and the MAGA world's attack plan seemed to be missing in action. Remember that first debate? WHAT WAS THAT?!. Biden said what we were all thinking anyway - Will you just Shut Up man?. As I mentioned earlier, a young man half my age accurately pointed out the MAGA didn't really care about policy, plans or facts. They just wanted to "own the libs" and scream "Truuuuuuump!". The cult comparisons really aren't hyperbole or exaggeration for a large faction of MAGA supporters. They became walking MySpace graphics, armed to the teeth because they were afraid of imagined threats (while telling us all how not afraid and tough they were). The second debate revealed even more than the deranged is-he-on-drugs fist. Trump appeared genuinely confused when he tried to attack Biden on being against fracking and good 'ol Joe told him he supported (safely trapped gas) fracking. His attempts to attack Socialism were comically laughed off as Joe joined him in repeating that Socialism isn't the solution. "I beat the Socialist". The simple fact is, MAGA world had no idea how to attack Joe. Every attack ad and attack one-liner aimed at Joe was very obviously written ahead of time for Bernie Sanders. And it just couldn't work with a from-the-bottom-up democrat like Joe Biden. They were meant for Bernie's $97.5T (estimated) plans, which Trump tried to say was Joe's at the debates.

The only attack from MAGA world that required any real work and effort at all was their Tara Reade story. Trying to ride the coat-tails of the Me Too movement, it was the only attack that ever gained even a moment of steam. And people like Ms Krassenstein of Medium, myself, and Joanne B of SF, investigated this to get to the bottom of it.

Our Trip to PMR in Santa Cruz, California

While the media bombarded us with her name around-the-clock, awful memes and accusations, our team went about the business of actually getting on the road and going tot talk with the real-life people telling a different story; telling a story where a lifelong con artist told wild tales, was a constant victim and preyed on the pity and sympathy of good samaritans.

We went in person to the horse Sanctuary where Tara had worked, known then by a previous name and alias. The sanctuary was beautiful. My wife came along, being an animal righs activist and enthusiast is one of the only politic bones in her body. Joanne and I interviewd PMR and got their side of the story. They had receipts, accounts of her stealing from neighbors and people in town, and they had proof to backup their claims of being ripped off and used. Not only had Alexandra (Tara) ripped them off while working there, she had told stories of hiding and running from her "abusive ex" that she eventually ran off and moved out of state with when she changed her name - but not before charging all her horse's vet bills to the Sanctuary to the tune of several thousand dollars.

Background Research and records

Meanwhile, Joanne had been researching her aliases and he past. Not only was her story inconsistant, but she had burned the college she had found a backdoor way into for several hundreds of thousands of dollars. That, it seemed, was what she was really running from when she came to Santa Cruz. And what of her time in Washington D.C.? Joanne's research had revealed that where she claimed she was assaulted was a wide corridor in plain sight and view that had heavy foot traffic at all hours. Not only was it improbable, Tara's account was inconsistant with the dress code required for women in that era. And none of that holds a candle to the known and easily proved fact that Joe Biden was a single Father at the time, who had to make the train in order to get home to his children in time. Unlike other Senators who lived in Washington D.C., Biden lived in Delaware. He couldn't afford to miss that train - and it certainly would have been noticed if Dad missed it and didn't come home from work. All the consistant accounts from his aids, former collegues and staff told the story of a man that had never been accused of anything of the sort his entire career - but the simple fact that he had his surviving children to rush home to, in my opinion, made the story so impossible it didn't deserve the oxygen the media had fed it And Alexandra (or Tara) Reed (or Moulton) didn't deserve the oxygen, either.

There was a Senator that matched her story, however. Senator Bob Packwood just so happened to work at the exact location, at the same time she did. He had a track record and was fired for the same behavior. And other accounts of Packwood's behavior and real assaults matched Read/Moulton's story to the letter.

What We Got Right

Like Joe and the Biden for President campaign, we didn't feed and get defensive against these attacks. We kept our focus on The People.

What Some Got Wrong

Despite our best attempts to keep our grassroots supporters focused, and my attempts to explain that the more people replied to those attacks and used her name, the effect would raise the SEO ranking of those attacks and keep it trending at the top of the news cycle, there were some that followed the Bernie Bro mentality, and insisted on fighting "fire with fire". It added oxygen to the attacks. The phrase alone should provide a visual that tells anyone who hears it how successful that "logic" is bound to be. If someone threw a Molotov cocktail or torch into your house, how successful would throwing fire at it be at saving your home?
MAGA Owning The Libs

Bernie Bros and the Far-Left

Socialism, Defund the Police, Ryan Knight, BriBri Joy, Purity Tests and Free Stuff

TThe biggest threat that caused the most damage and endangered our chances at ousting Donald Trump and winning the 2020 Election came not from the Alt Right, The clueless Trump campaign, QAnon or the so-called Proud Boys and their merry band of neo-Nazis. It came from the Left.

Despite being handed a landslide loss, not unlike the MAGA, the far-left demanded that the Biden for President campaign bow down and bend to the ideals and demands of the losing faction of the Democratic Party. Almost identical in their refusal to acknowledge the facts and the numbers, they didn't see their resounding defeat as an indication that their plans and ideas were rejected by the vast majority of Americans. Rather, they spun conspiracy theories of the elite and the DNC tipping the scales. High profile Bernie campaign stay like Bri Joy infamously tweeted "at least I can stop saying "Democratic" when I talk about why Socialism is good (paraphrased). People in the far-left spotlight like Ryan Knight declared their contempt for Democrats, Moderates, Biden, and the majority of Americans who voted in the Democratic Primary.

The real threat and negative impact that jeopardized our chances at winning and getting rid of Donald Trump came from their ilk, joining the MAGA, the QAnons, Trump and Foreign propagandists in an all-sides attack on Joe Biden.

Manifest destiny. How many readers remember Sarah Palin talking about 'splody heads 'splodin all over the place - and "free stuff"? The GOP had been (very successfully) branding Democrats as the party of free stuff, with both subtle and direct accusations of Democrats being the party of entitled millennials demanding "free stuff" and pushing Communist and Socialist agendas. And after years of pushing this rhetoric, emerged was a faction of the Left that became exactly that. I haven' taken down our defense against Bernie from the Democratic Primary. It's still up and live now on the Everyday Perspective page. $97.5 Trillion. That's the estimated cost of Bernie's plan - a plan voters rejected.

Those of us that were campaigning 12-16 hours a day were bombarded with hate tweets, trolled to no end, and watched as every single Post the Biden for President campaign made was trolled endlessly by the far-left. By the THOUSANDS, the most radical far-left Bernie Bros, Antifa and Socialists attacked our campaign and our supporters in the belief that helping Donald Trump win a second term would bring about a Socialist revolution where American's would abandon everything they believe and vote for the exact opposite.

Despite being crushed by voters, these attackers would tout the re-election of AOC and the loss of Joe Kennedy III as proof that Americans actually wanted a far-left Socialist agenda, not the plans they voted for in the Primary. They believed the DNC, who had very little to do with influencing The South, Black voters, and working class 27-45 year old voters across the country, didn't mean what they voted for. And how insulting is that to The South? How insulting is that to Black Women and Black Voters who we all know LEAD this March to the White House? No. They deserve the respect of acknowledging that not only did they know exactly who and what plans they chose - but they did so with their own agency and made up their minds with well-informed intellect. To suggest otherwise is to suggest The South and POC are less informed than these far-left attackers and activists.

Bernie out-raised and out-spent Joe 300:1. He had a full staff, and enthusiastic supporters on every campus in America, it seemed. He campaigned for FIVE years - and he got even less votes than the first time in 2016.

And even after winning the election and being sworn in, you'll still find far-left trolling President Biden and Vice President Harris' livestreams and videos. As they work to get the largest investment in everyday Americans out to The People at lightning speed, even now their efforts are trolled with "why not cancel all student debt instead of just the interest and $10,000?" or "why aren't you making healthcare totally free to every American instead of just the poor?".

The olive branch Joe offered to both Bernie and AOC was gracious, showed class, and demonstrated his desire to give ALL a voice. But by then, Senator Sanders had lost control of his own supporters, and the faction of far-left progressives would not follow. Why do I bring all of this up? Because a Leader that can't Lead their own supporters can hardly be taken seriously as a Leader for everyone else. And because none of them has disappeared or vanished. In the 2022 midterms, and the 2024 election, these will be either the Number One or Number Two threat to a loss of the White House and/or Congress.

What We Got Right

Following the Lead of Biden and the Official Campaign, we focused on a from-the-bottom-up Economy and spent our time and our efforts not on arguing with the far-left, but on controlling our own narrative and Leading the way. We Lead with Plans to tackle injustice, economic need and place a priority on the working class, everyday Joes Jane and Jacquelyns who need to be paid right, and need help right now. We reminded American what Democrats stand for: a bottom-up Economy that gives tax breaks and credits, raises wages, and pours Billions of dollars of money into investing in the least of us UP. Because, when the least of us thrives, so do businesses and the most successful. Keynesian economics, where common Americans don't just make a living - but a damn good living - is what most Americans want. And free help to the people that need it to he most (the poor and the 75% of Americans that don’t earn six figures, ending homelessness, tackling police reform, racial justice reform, and racial economic inequity - that's what the average American cares about. And we didn't choose to argue, belittle, demean or be terrible people to those attackers. We just blocked them and went about the business of winning For The People.

What Some Got Wrong

Like my own attempts to keep our supporters focused when it came to the MAGA, there were those that insisted on fighting "fire with fire", adding oxygen to the attacks. Again I say, the phrase alone provides a visual that tells anyone who hears it how successful that "logic" is bound to be. If you’re ever faced with your house on fire - try throwing more fire at it and let me know if it saves the house. OR...just throwing this out there, maybe we stamp it out and extinguish it.

Foreign Attacks

One of the greatest vulnerabilities we have is our own human egos. Pride. It is the vanguard of Fear, stepping in to stop all challenges and defend even the most irrational behavior or thinking from challenge. It stops growth and learning in its tracks, creates Contempt without objective investigation, is proof against all arguments, and cannot fail to keep us in everlasting ignorance.

Most everyday Americans, Moderates, Progressives, Liberals, and non-political people can see this on full display every time a flat-earther crawls up out of some dark corner. Most people - even reasonable conservatives, can see the ignorance of the most extreme, most paranoid MAGA and QAnons. But what about us?

Biden supporters are not in any way immune to the human condition. While we may be a majority of Moderate, more reasonable incremental-change voters that tend embrace realism - we are just as human as anyone else. The same Ego and Pride that prevents the "Cult 45", the QAnons and the Flat-Earthers, as well as the "Free Stuff for everyone" crowd from seeing how unrealistic and how resistant to listening or learning anything that doesn't flatter their beliefs is within us, too. We are the Party of The People, the part of the Working Class, The Poor, Unions, and Keynesian Economics that revolve around a fiscal ideology that's from the bottom UP...yet I've witnessed firsthand members of my own party poor-shaming people, being aghast that someone made them uncomfortable by revealing how desperate their financial situation is in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis. Yes, we are vulnerable to Ego, too. And that Ego and Pride can prevent us from taking an honest inventory and stock of our shortcoming and the areas of our Party and our 2020 Election Campaign where there are clear mistakes that must be corrected if we want to grow and succeed on The Road Ahead.

Even with Social Media and News outlets reporting on the rise of fake accounts in 2020, the data shows that American across all parties tend to not believe they have been influenced. Both Facebook/Instagram and Twitter reported thousands of fake accounts with an estimated 265,000 featuring profile photos of Black Americans lead researchers to coin the term "digital blackface". Many of the accounts used pictures of Black men and women taken from news reports and other sources. The majority of these fake accounts posted pro-Sanders "Bernie save us" content, with virtually all others simply shouting, "YES IM BLACK AND IM VOTING FOR TRUMP!!!" The goal being the same as the other tactics - that by seeing people similar to yourself, you'll be more apt to agree or at empathize with the "person" and their views.

Website Attacks Blocked

This website has been attacked 400,040 times since January 24, 2020. To-date, we've never had a single successful attack get through. This is due to having a wealth of security resources that are all being used together, at the same time. Secondly, While this website no longer links everything and forwards all traffic to, it does not have any sign-ups, account creation or user accounts. So, even if attack was successful, there's nothing in the database for anyone to get.

Top Countries

Attacks by Country
  1. Germany
  2. Turkey
  3. Russia
  4. Netherlands
  5. Kasakhstan
  6. Czech Republic
  7. China

Top Bot Hashtags

Foreign-Originated Anti-Biden content
From Jan - Nov 2020
  1. ilikebernie
  2. bernie2020
  3. BidenIsCorrupt
  4. trump2020landslide
  5. NotmeUs
  6. corruptdemocrats
  7. berniebeatstrump
  8. khive
  9. M4A
  10. Kamala2024
  11. BlueLivesMatter
  12. NeverBiden
  13. DefundThePolice
  14. CreepyJoe
  15. F12
  16. ANTIFA
  17. IBelieveTara
  18. BernieOrBust

Top Foreign Content

Chart Source: DFRLab

Map of accounts and retweets in a 6 day period in Feb 2020 of anti-Biden tweets that originated from Foreign nations. Pro-Trump tweets are colored pink and Pro-Sanders are orange. Neutral or Pro-Biden foreign tweets are in green.

Enemies exploited our vulnerabilities

Two things are really easy to see when you look at the data as shown above. The outside edges of the scatter graph show retweets by Americans. These are real people and real Americans that retweeted and shared, and spread the anti-Biden content that originated from foreign nations. The second thing you'll notice is that most of them were Pro-Bernie, Pro-(Our Vice President)Kamala, and lastly pro-Trump. Most commonly, the aim was to sow division and promote infighting.

On the MAGA side of things, Trump was severely under-equipped without Cambridge Analytica and Steve Bannon. Most Trump-related social media posts originating from foreign countries were relatively ineffective and centered around Blue Lives Matter, ANTIFA and Socialism. Lower down the list, which I limited to the top hashtags, Social media posts with Trump or MAGA in them also included 6MM and other neo-Nazi hashtags. However, most of those seem to be centralized in Eastern Europe. And, virtually no Q-related posts originate from foreign countries. The majority of pro-Trump posts on racial issues originate in The South and Midwest United States.

Richard Tempest, University of Illinois Prof of Slavic languages and literatures, told the Illinois News Bureau March 12, 2020, that, "Disruption and division - those are their top priorities." The hashtag BidenIsCorrupt originated in Russia, and went viral after American Prof Zephyr Teachout, a legitimate Bernie Supporter, published an Op-Ed using the hashtag on Jan 20th, 2020. Sanders himself apologized to Biden for the Op-Ed, and was quoted as saying, "it is absolutely not my view that Joe Biden is corrupt in any way." But it continued to trend with over 23k mentions by Jan 21st, 2020. During the two weeks before Joe Biden announced he had chosen now Vice President Harris as his running mate, more than 71k anti-Biden tweets were posted with the khive hashtag. At this same time, our Biden groups experienced the worst infighting and groups fractures of the campaign. After she was announced, a spike in Kamala2024 tweets that included words like "old", "death", "racist", "senile" and "dementia" hit Social Media, with over 24k originating from a single tweet by an Account with a geo-location that shows as coming from the Ukraine. The intention seems clear. Seizing each opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities in the Democratic Party, Russia and troll farms located outside of Russia that can't be directly linked to them, drove discord and division, raising the temperature and provoking infighting amongst Democrats from within. While the original content and posts were foreign - they relied on the anxieties, frustration, fears and anger of real Americans to spread it.

What's interesting is virtually none of the QAnon posts or propaganda seems to be coming from anywhere outside the United States. It seems to be entirely domestic, with no foreign influence.

  • Poor Rural White Resentment
  • Racism & Bigotry
  • Big Brother Paranoia
  • Trump's Lying Press
  • GOP-branded Liberal Entitlement
  • Cultural Resentment
  • The BLM Movement
  • Fight Fire with Fire
  • Religious Fear
  • Xenophobia
  • Democrat Infighting
The data and what we've seen over these past two years indicates that the GOP's attack plan for the 2022 midterms and 2024 election is to further provoke the division of Democrats by promoting hostility between the far-left, AOC and "Democratic Socialists", and promote the sentiment that the new Biden-Harris Administration, Democratic-majority Senate and Democratic-majority House of Reps are not doing enough for The People. No matter how much we do to enact positive Change and prosperity for The People, the plan seems to be to compare them to the Bernie Sanders plans from 2019 and use that to demonstrate that it's "not nearly enough". Simultaneously, within their own base, they will stoke outrage and uproar over Democrats spending on The People. Promoting Democratic Infighting, Stoking the fears of White middle-America and the Religious far-right, and spreading conspiracy theories and propaganda to erode Trust in the Biden-Harris Administration and Democrats in Congress will continue without Trump.
Long before foreign enemy nations used it against us, the GOP had begun branding the Democratic Party as the party of "Free Stuff" and "Entitlement". Many readers are no doubt young enough that they grew up in the Obama years, and have heard for most of their lives that same rhetoric. From "Obama Phones" to our old yahoo mail banner ads claiming Obama was giving away this or that, Republicans had begun branding the Democrats as entitled, participation trophy gifted spoiled and lazy people that wanted a handout and expected the government and taxpayers to do and pay for everything for them. For those readers, the best we can do is describe and recount was it was like to like in the America I grew up in - Reagan's America. I can suggest watching old 80's movies, or the episode of Roseanne where she gives the Republican an earful who knocked on the wrong door canvassing for his campaign. But unless you lived through 12 years of Republican government and economics it's probably hard to imagine an America where poor white people and POC alike unanimously hated Republicans and every person in America knew the two parties by their actual economic stances.


TOP-DOWN Trickle Down
They cut taxes for the Richest. Billionaires and Millionaires first, Upper-Middle Class next, and homeowners with stocks and nice little vacations. Corporate and Big Businesses get the biggest breaks. They slash public programs and budgets, raise taxes on the bottom, and slash tax credits and spending for the working class to pay for a bump to the rich. This is supposed to "create jobs". But the very wealthy rarely spend in times of economic distress, and all it does is ensure everyone continues to work low-wage jobs that make the rich richer. Conservatives work to keep minimum wages low so the number of jobs is higher, and businesses profits and stocks go up in value.


BOTTOM-UP Keynesian
Started from the bottom. The Rich pay the majority of all taxes. They restore taxes the rich haven't been paying, and cut taxes to the poor, working class and everyday middle class families. We tax the super-wealthy, instead. By ensuring wages go up, a $15 minimum, Unions and bargaining power are strong and that everyday people earn more money, we're all able to pay our bills and businesses and the wealthy still thrive, because We can pay our bills, buy their goods and services, and spend money on things we normally couldn't. The increased spending increases demand, and new jobs are created to keep up.

The Republican Party has been branding Democrats for more than a decade. It's been so successful that most Americans not registered with a political party now believe Democrats are the party of the rich. The average apolitical American now believes that Republicans are the party of working class and lower middle class tax cuts, and against the "Elite" rich.

Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
Xavier Becerra has the experience we need at HHS. He has spent his career fighting for quality, affordable health care. As Secretary of Health and Human Services, he will continue his work to lower health care costs and expand access for all Americans.
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
Vice President-elect Harris bids farewell to her Senate seat today. But as she says, it’s not goodbye—it’s hello as Vice President of the United States.
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
The principles of homeland and security have shaped the life of Alejandro Mayorkas, who was brought to the U.S. as a child from Cuba. He’s endorsed by dozens of groups from law enforcement to advocacy who want a Department of Homeland Security that is fair and humane.
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris are committed to making sure communities of color, our rural neighbors, those living with disabilities, and seniors are not left behind in our vaccination plans.
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
Statement from President-elect Biden on Religious Freedom Day:…
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
The President-elect has set a goal of 100 million shots administered in the first 100 days. Here’s how we make that happen:
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
Small businesses are the engines of our economy, and they have struggled during the pandemic. President-elect Biden’s plan will help provide them with funding to reopen, recover, and rebuild.
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
Meet Pilar: A small business owner impacted by COVID-19. She is one of the millions of Americans the President-elect is working to deliver results for with his American Rescue Plan.
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
The President-elect's American Rescue Plan will: - Ramp up a national vaccine program - Safely reopen majority of K-8 schools in his first 100 days - Deliver immediate, direct relief to working families  - Support hardest-hit communities & small businesses…
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
We can emerge from the most inequitable jobs crisis in modern history by building an economy that gives everyone an equal chance to get ahead. This team will help struggling small businesses recover, and put Americans back to work by creating millions of good-paying union jobs.
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
These diverse, qualified, and experienced appointees will be vital in supporting day-to-day White House functions and facilitating broad engagement with the American people. They are ready to hit the ground running for American families on day one.…
Biden-Harris Presidential Transition
President-elect Biden received his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine because he trusts scientists. Our administration is committed to doing everything possible to ensure every American has all the information they need to get vaccinated.
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