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Regular Americans have been robbed to pay the rich.

Conservatives have a top-down policy that gives breaks to the rich; rewards the wealthiest, and slashes breaks and help to the hardest working, everyday Joes, Janes and Jacquelyns. Since 1950, the rich have paid less and less, and regular working class and middle class Americans have had to foot the bill. Regular families should not be footing the bill for trips to mars, the entire military budget, the Pentagon, the salaries of the entire government, and tax breaks to Amazon and Apple.

The Poor, the Working Class, and the Everyday Joe, Jane and Jacquelyn should not be paying more than Donald Trump, and the most filthy rich tycoons in America

It's really simple, folks. Repulicans are top-down and Democrats build from the bottom-up. It's that simple.


Trickle Down
They cut taxes for tycoons, and for home owners with stocks and nice little vacations in the suburbs, the rich, and the biggest corporations. They slash public programs and budgets, and raise taxes or slash tax breaks for the working class to pay for a bump to the rich. This is supposed to "create jobs". But the very wealthy rarely spend in times of economic distress, and all it does is ensure everyone continues to work low-wage jobs that make the rich richer.


Started from the bottom. They restore taxes the rich haven't been paying, cut all taxes to the poor, working class and everyday middle class families. We tax the super-wealthy, instead. By ensuring wages go up, a $15 minimum, Unions and bargaining power are strong and that everyday people earn more money, we're all able to pay our bills and businesses and the wealthy still thrive, because

President Biden isn't raising taxes on the rich - he's restoring them - and to lower percentage any time in United States history before Trump.


Let every voter know, The GOP is openly trying to trick California voters. Understand what they're doing - and help us get the word out.
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