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This website, this small and scrappy group of grassroots supporters, and voters like us share some common ideals.
We also happen to be looking at this nation, this time in our history, these threats to our way of life, and the prospect of hope through a pair of glasses with a lense we recognize others may not be wearing. I pride myself on saying what I mean and meaning what I say. I value integrity in myself, and feel a duty and sense of accountability to hold myself to the flame of truth and always remain willing to be wrong. This is humility. It's the humility I was taught by wiser people than myself. It wasn't taught with mere words, but with action. We demonstrate humility. We do it. And, like humility, I believe that love, as a principal, is an essential and vital part of human dignity, decency and the foundation of civilization itself. I've used poetic (or artistic) license for years to repeat the phrase I hold so dear to my own heart:
Love is a verb


We Got a Voice 2 PAC
Americans have chosen a President that pays respect to our Veterans decade after decade without the press; who’s own son’s life was on the line, over a guy that put 5 lives in his place. #VeteransDay #PresidentElect #PresidentBiden 🇺🇸🦅🙏
We Got a Voice 2 PAC
Em homenagem ao nossos ancestrais, os santos e anjos em #TodosLosSantos / Honramos a nuestros antepasados ​​en el día de los muertos #DiaDeMuertos In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sanctus est. #RestInPeace 🇵🇹🇲🇽🇬🇺🏴🇮🇹🇮🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷 🇵🇱
We Got a Voice 2 PAC
RT @WeGotAVoice2: We’re gonna win this. #Biden #BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica
We Got a Voice 2 PAC
Let’s Go #Arizona #Mesa #BattlegroundState #swingstates #Arizona2020 #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris2020Landslide From Pale Pink to #Biden Blue 🇺🇸 twitter.com/stateoflynn/st…
We Got a Voice 2 PAC
Oakland - Main Speech for #BidenHarris FULL VIDEO: youtu.be/bKNQJRm7Deo Our main stage event full speech from both founders @namelessism & @_Jacquelyn2020 covering the entire campaign: #BLM, #Homlessness, the Reagan Era, #Debates2020 #TrumpIsCompromised #BidenWonTheDebate
We Got a Voice 2 PAC
We’re gonna win this. #Biden #BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica
We Got a Voice 2 PAC
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Jacquelyn's Voice

An everyday, working class security guard
Fox News described Jacquelyn, a security guard at The New York Times, as an "ordinary worker". We see two everyday Joes and Janes. There was a time when we didn't want polished slick-talkers that were robotic. Now we criticize candidates like Joe for being too human, too down-to-earth. We have a president in the White House who's federal tax system rewards billionaires and punishes the "ordinary worker" all in the name of "creating jobs". But what good are jobs that don't pay enough to survive? If you ask me, a down-to-earth human being is exactly who we need leading this country.

My Voice

Joe is my Ideal President

I want any everyday American. Down to earth. Humble. Honest. I don't care what they look like, their race, gender or age. I care about who they are and what they'll do. Character. And it was President Obama that made that my number one desired quality in a president. Did you know Joe was one of the poorest Vice Presidents of all time? Did you know in his entire career, he only ever just made his own salary? Did you know that for most of his life, the average doctor made more money than he did? After office, it was his book that made money. But rarely have we seen a (vice) President so everyday that the average VP at your job made more money than the VP of The United States. And of all the candidates on the stage, Joe is the only one with the integrity and class to embrace and enthusiastically nominate Kamala Harris as VP, or Beto, or Warren, or Mayor Pete alike to cabinet positions. He wouldn't hesitate to select the best candidate for the job, whether they've taken a jab at him or not, because he's actually a good guy. I also want to WIN. Joe is ideal, because not only is he the best of the qualities I've come to admire, but because I'm confident he'll beat Trump like a drum. And it sure helps me sleep better at night knowing how hard President Obama & Michelle, and the very large and wide, very diverse variety of support he'll have behind him.

When articles like @TheAtlPolitics @JohnGHendy this highlight how we treat people who mix up words and you know DAMN WELL what they meant; When I do the EXACT SAME THING EVERY SINGLE DAY; When my son feels the it’s injustice at 8 years old, it’s personal.

I’m so very proud of my boy. I’m proud of the man I am. I proud of @JoeBiden and I’m proud of all the honorable, honest candidates asking America to represent them. I’m not ashamed of misspeaking or jumbling words. I’m ashamed of those that shame it.

Everday Americans

Regular Americans are being robbed to pay the rich.
Conservatives have a top-down policy that gives breaks to the rich; rewards the wealthiest, and slashes breaks and help to the hardest working, everyday Joes, Janes and Jacquelines. Since 1950, the rich have paid less and less, and regular working class and middle class Americans have had to foot the bill. Regular families should not be footing the bill for trips to mars, the entire military budget, the Pentagon, the salaries of the entire government, and tax breaks to Amazon and Apple.

The Poor, the Working Class, the Everyday Joe, Jane and Jacqueline should not be paying more than Donald Trump and the most filthy rich tycoons in America

It's really simple, folks. Repulicans are top-down and Democrats build from the bottom-up. It's that simple.


Trickle Down
They cut taxes for tycoons, and for home owners with stocks and nice little vacations in the suburbs, the rich, and the biggest corporations. They slash public programs and budgets, and raise taxes or slash tax breaks for the working class to pay for a bump to the rich. This is supposed to "create jobs". But the very wealthy rarely spend in times of economic distress, and all it does is ensure everyone continues to work low-wage jobs that make the rich richer.


Started from the bottom. They restore taxes the rich haven't been paying, cut all taxes to the poor, working class and everyday middle class families. We tax the super-wealthy, instead. By ensuring wages go up, a $15 minimum, Unions and bargaining power are strong and that everyday people earn more money, we're all able to pay our bills and businesses and the wealthy still thrive, because

Why not Socialism?

"Free stuff" isn't actually free at all. Somebody's got to pay for it.

Bernie's plans do what Republicans have tried to trick people into thinking for years. Remember Palin? 'Splody heads should be 'splodin' all over the place at the trillions upon trillions of dollars Bernie Sanders and his Bros want to spend to make everything "free" and run by big brother. Everyday people don't want a country where nobody can get rich, we just want a country where everyday people actually can. And where the little guy still makes a decent living. We don't want to bankrupt the country, and we're not spoiled kids that think we're "entitled" to everything being given to us. That's Trump's lie, and people are believing it on both sides. Liberals and MAGAs alike are buying the pipe-dream that Democrats want a fairytale where we all mooch off the government and treat succesful people like they owe us allowance. We've had an experimental extremist in the White House for nearly 4 years. We don't need another extremist. We can't keep our nation swinging violently from one extremist end to the other. The fact is, Trump's percentages are a fraction of the nation's actual population. When they show us how many people "support" the Trump, they're showing us a poll of 1,000 or so registered voters. They're not showing 330 Million people who have been interviewed and asked. The same is true with Bernie. He never had more than 12% support from the American population in 2016, and it isn't much above that now. To the contrary, he's lost ground in states he won handily in 2016.

Real Democrats aren't socialists. We work hard. Really hard. We're the Party of The People. Everyday, Working Class Heroes raising kids while working a full-time job and going to school. Joe Biden would raise our wages, make tuition cheaper or free for regular folks, and give us an economy where we all make enough money to make a living and can pay our bills, go to Disneyland, and live in a decent neighborhood. Trump wants to make 2020 a fight against communism and socialism. Don't let Trump get what he wants.

We Say No to Socialism

Everyday Joes, Janes & Jacquelyns

Young college kids and a faction of liberal, mostly privileged voters with the luxury of being idealistic about politics are deciding for everyday people who will be president. It's time that everyday Americans were heard.
As we all saw in South Carolina, and on Super Tuesday - Everyday Joes, Janes and Jacquelyns are speaking up and speaking out. The New York Times told the world who we ought to vote for, decided by a team in a board room of rich executives I imagine are paid $250-$500k a year. Did they bother to ask the elevator operator, @_Jacquelyn2020? Did they ask the janitor? How about the woman that made their morning coffee or the cashier? The clerk at the gas station? The average American doesn't want socialism. Democrats are not the Party of "free stuff". We just want to make our rent, be paid better wages, stop the gun violence and killing, and have an economy that works for us rather than showering the rich in more of our hard-earned money. Black lives do matter. The working class matters. Your kids matter. Everyday Americans matter. And there's only one candidate fighting for everyday people, for our Civil Rights, and taking a stand against the tiki-torch mobs and neo-nazies, the KKK Donald Trump refuses to condemn, and the uprising of hate and xenophobic, racist bigotry rearing it's ugly head once again.
Stop letting 90% white states, with voteres who have the luxury of time and ability to get out and participate in a Caucus, speak for you. 99.9% of African Americans have not voted. The New York Times told the world who we ought to vote for, decided by a board room of rich executives probably paid $250-$500k a year.Did they bother to ask the elevator operator, @_Jacquelyn2020? Did they ask the janitor? How about the woman that made their morning coffee or the cashier? The average American doesn't want socialism. We just want to pay our rent, be paid better wages, and stop the gun violence and killing. Black lives do matter. The working class matters. Your kids matter. Everyday Americans do matter. And there's only one candidate fighting for everyday people, our Civil Rights, and taking a stand against the tiki torch mobs and neo-nazies, and the KKK Donald Trump refuses to condemn.

Who am I?

My life is an open book. I wear my heart on my sleeves and I believe we are "only as sick as our secrets". Under any normal condition I wouldn't hesitate to tell all. "Folks", this isn't normal. So, I'll tell you what I think is important. I grew up poor. I was beat up by gangs and I grew up in a rough neighborhood. I've had to fight, scrape, scratch and claw for everything I have. I pay rent. I don't have a 401k. I know a thing or two about struggle. I'm as everyday as it gets.

I'm a 38 year old Father of 3 children I raised as a single Dad for many years. In some ways, I still do. I celebrate my one-year anniversary to my lovely wife 3/4, and while I may be the rock of our family - she's mine. But she's a full-time student with a full-time job, and like so many everyday Americans, we work to pay the bills and we don't have stocks, 401ks or own a home. Everything I have I bought and paid for in cash. My couch is over 10 years old. It's spotless, and we look like we have nice things - but every single thing was bought in cash on Craigslist or bargained down, well taken care of and earned. This May 1st, I will celebrate 18 years of sobriety as a member of a 12-Step program, saved, by The Grace of God, from alcoholism and addiction. I've been working and making my own way for over 25 years.

I can only speak for myself. I don't speak for Joe - but he does speak up for us. I've had more than my share of hardships, and like the Vice President, I have a passion for learning and making sure I do the right thing - but I trip and stumble on my words, have a terrible short-term memory, and I'm prone to make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. I still do dumb things, step on the toes of other people while caught up in my own self-centered plans, and there are plenty of people to whom I've had to or continue to owe apologies or atonement. I am no saint. What my journey in Sobriety has taught me is that that's very human. Humility is accepting that not only am I not perfect, I'm going to need to constantly grow and learn and work at being better. Rather than taking an, "I know everything", egotistical stance, it's in admitting that I don't know everything, and can only speak to my own experience, that keeps me grounded in honesty and some character. God isn't finished with me yet. There are plenty of ways I need to grow even now, and plenty of ways that, by the Grace of God, I have grown and become a changed person over my 18 years of sobriety. I've been homeless. I've been hopelessly addicted, alone and in the depths of despair. I've lost a lot. But if you ask anyone that knows me well, they'll tell you I make a real effort to humble myself; that I have an atttitude of gratitude and am full of HOPE, empathy, and a genuine and sincere desire to do right by people. Even to my wife, who's my rock, I try to set expectations properly. I tell her, "I will let you down". I don't promise perfection, and I don't promise I'll be anything better than what I am: A recovering alcoholic and addict who's had to work at removing shortcomings and rely on my Higher Power's help to be better, because I'm flawed, finite and very, very human.

I'm giving a voice to everyday Joes like me. Read Jacquelyn's story above, with more to come. I'm happy to volunteer my time to give a platform for anyone supporting Joe Bident for President to tell their story, in their own words.

This MARCH to The White House is getting louder

My interview after Super Tuesday with NBC

Then came HOPE

President Barack Obama was and is the greatest President of my lifetime. I have family that passionately disagrees. That's okay. I understand them, too. To me, he was the best of us. He embodied every principle I valued, every aspiration of character, and he restored our hope in a world that could be fair, decent, honest and compassionate. He brought dignity and grace to an office and platform we had been ashamed and embarassed by. His words had conviction, and he walked the talk.

No campaign slogan, catchy phrase or soundbyte could be more fitting of defining his impact on our nation and the world by proxy, and no promise more fulfilled in every sense of the word than that original inspirational and singular message made iconic by Shepard Fairey: HOPE He inspired hope. He restored hope. For all the achievements, of which there are so many, that those that would tear down his legacy or trash with their agendas and hateful propaganda, the most significant to me was giving us back hope. And for many, he didn't give it back. That implies it had been present at some point in the past. For many, he gave it for the first time.

It hit the world and spread. It resonated and echoed across the globe. It was undeniable. We were incredibly proud to see how he conducted himself, the restoration of our standing internationally, and the unity he forged and repaired with our allies. We watched as they stood in awe and the respect they showed for him, apparent in their eyes, was personal. For the first time for many of us, we had hope, things were getting better every day, and we had someone that treated the white house janitor with the same dignity and respect as the princes and prime ministers of foreign countries. All those principles we were taught as children were an inherit part of his character. For generations of Americans jaded and let down time after time; generations of Americans who were taught ideal morals from parents or role models who shared the teachings of Jesus Christ, or Ghandi, or a Muslim prophet, or MLK, the Dalai Llama or Mother Theresa - finally, we saw someone actually acting that way.

But then it was taken for granted

But the same internet that the old, corrupted and now rebuked Americans didn't unserstand how to use when it propelled President Obama to victory in 2008, turned on him with a constant bombardment of ads and "fake news" for years to come as they hired us and we taught them. As Facebook and even good 'ol Yahoo of the distant internet past became a fertile ground for planting the seeds of propaganda by those who had lost power and were seeething with hatred at the loss of dominance, years of anti-Obama content populated the web and seeped into our everyday lives.

So, we fractured. Some of us believed them, and became those that would go on to vote for Trump. Some of us hated them, and some of us assumed nobody was stupid enough to "believe the hype". I think a lot of my generation and many of the older Americans who had been given hope and inspiration assumed that most everyone saw these internet ads, lynched mannequins and racist attacks for what they were. We thought most everyone but the real whackos and hillbillies dismissed this stuff as racist, right along with birthirism, and thought most people saw it as total horse crap. See, we thought all these people that went on to vote for Trump had been passing this stuff up like the "Michael Jackson is really an alien" and "Tupac alive and well in South America" nonsense, the way you did back when we had newspaper stands and it was understood this was shock-value garbage. IMO (in my opinion, boomers) that's why so many of us were floored, shocked, horrified and lashed out calling every Trump voter a racist and hillbilly. We really didn't think people bought into it.

Here's the thing, Trump voters. We do see now that many of you believed these things all along. You were looking at the world with a different pair of glasses. You saw things through the Fox lense, the NRA or The Blaze lense, and still worse outlets like Breitbart. Good, decent folks like my living 90-something year old Grandfather listened intently to Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and even the likes of Steve Bannon and Steve Miller. We've seen it with our own eyes now. And the plain and simple fact is, they all said the same things and a lot of people believed them (and still do). That old Russian KGB tactic of repeating the same lie enough times or accusing the opponent of whatever it is you have to hide yourself...works. We've seen the outright denial, and we've seen even those whom we love and cherish in our own families be mezmorized with propaganda. Who would have ever thought my Reagan-loving, Soviet-hating grandfather would be pro-Putin? It's incredible. But it's happened. We can't be so naive this time.

What about Trump Supporters?

I'm not here to ask anyone to embrace vicious and hostile MAGA trolls and obviously foreign bots, Twitter Klansman and Neo-Nazis. I say stand up and fight that. Defend Democracy and all things good and right I'm not advocating welcoming hateful, conspiracy-theorist-convinced and warped Americans with open arms in some apologist form of pacifism. No. We will always stand up for what's right. It's in our very nature as Americans. We are a nation born of rebellion. A nation that stood up against tyranny from a rich, entitled bully with seemingly unlimited piles of gold and power. It was the little guy that won then, and it's the little guy that can win now. The everyday Jane, Joe and every common and uncommon American in between are what matters. The People. We, the People. With so much political fighting about The Constitution it's amazing so few take the time to read The Decleration. Read it. That's where we are now, facing the same tyranny they risked everything to fight then. And it was farmers, tailors and common folks that rose up and fought for freedom.

But I do believe there is a possible future where we can manage and tamp down the flames of evil, and get back to a healthy Democracy that meets and works things out like adults. I do believe that a decent portion of Americans that voted for Trump can be made reasonably tolerant and mildly bitter, rather than seething and frothing at the mouth with literal tiki torches storming around our cities and towns. My Grandparents, whom I respect, cherish and admire deeply, voted for Trump. Any realistic future needs to include these Americans. I do believe the right leader can "unite" our fractured nation and society. Like a marriage, democracy requires finding resolution. Like a business deal not crafted by a con-man, a good one should leave everyone either reasonably content or reasonably discontent. It's only with a bad deal that one side skips away gleefully and blatantly ecstatic. My goal, and I think the goal of everyday Americans, in this 2020 election is to restore that healthy democracy with a leader that can guide us into a future where good prevails and evil is tamped down to a slow burn. I believe it's unrealistic to expect some landslide victory, and even less realistic to expect some far-left agenda doing to those on the right what they're doing to the rest of us right now, will do anything other than fuel the flames already burning. President Joe Biden can lead us to a future where all of America can be a safe place; where Americans with passionately different views can reasonably tolereate one another; where the next President after could be even better; where real progress can be made and real legislature passed that plants the seeds and paves the way toward the goals we all share in unison. Some of us may be more "left" or more "center-left" or "moderate", but we are all united in our end goal. And Joe Biden is the only canidate on that stage that can get all of our favorite public servants into the White House and throughout the United States government. He's the only one with the national support that would gladly select a Vice President Harris or welcome in Beto, Pete or Warrne with open arms. And he's the only one who can get both Democrats and Republican Senators and Congress to do their jobs.

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