Everyday Joes, Janes and Jacquelyns

Everday Americans

Regular Americans are being robbed to pay the rich.
Conservatives have a top-down policy that gives breaks to the rich; rewards the wealthiest, and slashes breaks and help to the hardest working, everyday Joes, Janes and Jacquelines. Since 1950, the rich have paid less and less, and regular working class and middle class Americans have had to foot the bill. Regular families should not be footing the bill for trips to mars, the entire military budget, the Pentagon, the salaries of the entire government, and tax breaks to Amazon and Apple.

The Poor, the Working Class, the Everyday Joe, Jane and Jacqueline should not be paying more than Donald Trump and the most filthy rich tycoons in America

It's really simple, folks. Repulicans are top-down and Democrats build from the bottom-up. It's that simple.


Trickle Down
They cut taxes for tycoons, and for home owners with stocks and nice little vacations in the suburbs, the rich, and the biggest corporations. They slash public programs and budgets, and raise taxes or slash tax breaks for the working class to pay for a bump to the rich. This is supposed to "create jobs". But the very wealthy rarely spend in times of economic distress, and all it does is ensure everyone continues to work low-wage jobs that make the rich richer.


Started from the bottom. They restore taxes the rich haven't been paying, cut all taxes to the poor, working class and everyday middle class families. We tax the super-wealthy, instead. By ensuring wages go up, a $15 minimum, Unions and bargaining power are strong and that everyday people earn more money, we're all able to pay our bills and businesses and the wealthy still thrive, because

Why not Socialism?

"Free stuff" isn't actually free at all. Somebody's got to pay for it.

Bernie's plans do what Republicans have tried to trick people into thinking for years. Remember Palin? 'Splody heads should be 'splodin' all over the place at the trillions upon trillions of dollars Bernie Sanders and his Bros want to spend to make everything "free" and run by big brother. Everyday people don't want a country where nobody can get rich, we just want a country where everyday people actually can. And where the little guy still makes a decent living. We don't want to bankrupt the country, and we're not spoiled kids that think we're "entitled" to everything being given to us. That's Trump's lie, and people are believing it on both sides. Liberals and MAGAs alike are buying the pipe-dream that Democrats want a fairytale where we all mooch off the government and treat succesful people like they owe us allowance. We've had an experimental extremist in the White House for nearly 4 years. We don't need another extremist. We can't keep our nation swinging violently from one extremist end to the other. The fact is, Trump's percentages are a fraction of the nation's actual population. When they show us how many people "support" the Trump, they're showing us a poll of 1,000 or so registered voters. They're not showing 330 Million people who have been interviewed and asked. The same is true with Bernie. He never had more than 12% support from the American population in 2016, and it isn't much above that now. To the contrary, he's lost ground in states he won handily in 2016.

Real Democrats aren't socialists. We work hard. Really hard. We're the Party of The People. Everyday, Working Class Heroes raising kids while working a full-time job and going to school. Joe Biden would raise our wages, make tuition cheaper or free for regular folks, and give us an economy where we all make enough money to make a living and can pay our bills, go to Disneyland, and live in a decent neighborhood. Trump wants to make 2020 a fight against communism and socialism. Don't let Trump get what he wants.

We Say No to Socialism

Who am I?

My life is an open book. I wear my heart on my sleeves and I believe we are "only as sick as our secrets". Under any normal condition I wouldn't hesitate to tell all. "Folks", this isn't normal. So, I'll tell you what I think is important. I grew up poor. I was beat up by gangs and I grew up in a rough neighborhood. I've had to fight, scrape, scratch and claw for everything I have. I pay rent. I don't have a 401k. I know a thing or two about struggle. I'm as everyday as it gets.

I'm a 38 year old Father of 3 children I raised as a single Dad for many years. In some ways, I still do. I celebrate my one-year anniversary to my lovely wife 3/4, and while I may be the rock of our family - she's mine. But she's a full-time student with a full-time job, and like so many everyday Americans, we work to pay the bills and we don't have stocks, 401ks or own a home. Everything I have I bought and paid for in cash. My couch is over 10 years old. It's spotless, and we look like we have nice things - but every single thing was bought in cash on Craigslist or bargained down, well taken care of and earned. This May 1st, I will celebrate 18 years of sobriety as a member of a 12-Step program, saved, by The Grace of God, from alcoholism and addiction. I've been working and making my own way for over 25 years.

I can only speak for myself. I don't speak for Joe - but he does speak up for us. I've had more than my share of hardships, and like the Vice President, I have a passion for learning and making sure I do the right thing - but I trip and stumble on my words, have a terrible short-term memory, and I'm prone to make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. I still do dumb things, step on the toes of other people while caught up in my own self-centered plans, and there are plenty of people to whom I've had to or continue to owe apologies or atonement. I am no saint. What my journey in Sobriety has taught me is that that's very human. Humility is accepting that not only am I not perfect, I'm going to need to constantly grow and learn and work at being better. Rather than taking an, "I know everything", egotistical stance, it's in admitting that I don't know everything, and can only speak to my own experience, that keeps me grounded in honesty and some character. God isn't finished with me yet. There are plenty of ways I need to grow even now, and plenty of ways that, by the Grace of God, I have grown and become a changed person over my 18 years of sobriety. I've been homeless. I've been hopelessly addicted, alone and in the depths of despair. I've lost a lot. But if you ask anyone that knows me well, they'll tell you I make a real effort to humble myself; that I have an atttitude of gratitude and am full of HOPE, empathy, and a genuine and sincere desire to do right by people. Even to my wife, who's my rock, I try to set expectations properly. I tell her, "I will let you down". I don't promise perfection, and I don't promise I'll be anything better than what I am: A recovering alcoholic and addict who's had to work at removing shortcomings and rely on my Higher Power's help to be better, because I'm flawed, finite and very, very human.

I'm giving a voice to everyday Joes like me. Read Jacquelyn's story above, with more to come. It was the honor of my life to volunteer my time to serve and help elect Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States.

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