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We Know Joe

#WeKnowJoe. And the American People know more than our enemies both foreign and domestic would have you believe. We know chracter when we see it. We know integrity, honesty, sincerity and we can tell when people are genuine. Joe always says, "Everyone knows who Donald Trump is". Well, the same can be said for Joe.

8 years in the Oval office and not one scandal for the Obama-Biden administration. Joe Biden is responsible for the passage of the first LGBTQ+ Marriage Equality act into law - and Joe is the only (and he's Catholic!) elected President or Vice President in history to officiate not one but two marriages in office. The idea of a Vice President marrying to men alone is enough to make him a hero to many. Passing the Vioilence Against Women act, the Climate protection acts and the most progressive Climate change policy any politicain has ever made law - these are his legacies. Both the radical, disgruntled far-left and the far-right tiki-torcher's would have you believe their propaganda, backed up with billions of dollars and foreign cyber military help. But we're not falling for it. Because this isn't someone we don't know. This is a man that has served in the public eye in the highest office - withmore qualification, wisdom and experience than all of the remaining candidates combined. We know how this works, folks. Donald Trump and his mobster-wannabe cronies will stop at nothing to keep him in office heaping piles of cash into their pockets and special interests. The fringe socialist wing will stop at nothing to "stick it to the man" and help tear down a good man in their misguided "all or nothing, my way is the only way" agenda. But it's not going to work.

We believe in Joe. We know Joe. We vote. And we're going to win.

Powerful Enemies

From Russia and Putin, to Kim Jong Un, Enemies in the Middle East; every Dictator Trump has befriended, and every Rich and Powerful Agenda...

Joe Biden's scrappy campaign doesn't have the Pentagon or the CIA to work round-the-clock protecting our Nation (and it's President-to-be) from calculated, military, cyber and mass-propaganda campaigns.
But American's know Joe Biden. We saw it on Super Tuesday as American's flocked to the ballot box to bote for the VP against all odds - outspent 200:1 and outraised by Bernie Sanders, who had amassed over $333MM and campaigned for 5 years. We've seen it every time. From President Obama to Captain Sully, Kamala Harris to John Kerry - America knows Joe. The smear campaigns fall on deaf ears, and we see them for what they are. Because we know Joe. And we know just how many enemies, how many agendas and how many billions of dollars are vested in keeping Donald Trump in power.

Republicans Know Joe

Republican Groups Backing Biden's Agenda

43 Alumni for Biden
Tip #41: Get a good night's sleep. We have a lot of work to do in these final 41 days and we must be in top condition to beat Trump. We will rest November 4th, after we've set the ship right and elected @JoeBiden as the next President of the United States. #41Days #4Bid3n
43 Alumni for Biden
We are down to 41 days before Election Day. So, double that shot of espresso - we are in the final stretch to save the very soul of America. We cannot afford to lose. #4Bid3n
43 Alumni for Biden
200k preventable deaths. This is @realDonaldTrump’s legacy. #4Bid3n
43 Alumni for Biden
What is the most important issue to you this election year? And why? Ours is a return to civility and decency, something that has been missing for over 3 years. #4Bid3n
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RT @anthonyfartino: Clip of the shooting at the protest in Austin Texas from Hiram Gilberto on FB
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RT @veterans_i: The kids look like hostages, i’ll never understand a Black parent that would do this to their kids.
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RT @mmpadellan: This video is the PERFECT depiction of White McMuffin privilege. WATCH.
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RT @JerryCallaio: Talk About A Waste Of Money....Two Miles Of Fencing Just To Keep One Chicken Safe!

Joe Biden is a Mensch

Rabbi Michael Beals of Delaware

The story I’m about to share with you about Joe Biden is special -- in fact, I’m fairly certain I’m the only living person left who actually witnessed it firsthand.

It was about 16 years ago, and I was a young rabbi, brand-new to Delaware, on my way to lead a shiva minyan -- a worship service following a death of a Jewish person. I was from California. Back then, I didn’t know Claymont, Delaware from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

A quick bit of background: When someone passes away in the Jewish faith, we observe seven days of mourning, called shiva. We gather a group of ten Jewish adults together -- a minyan -- to say the Mourners’ Kaddish. It usually happens in a person’s home -- somewhere intimate. In this case, the deceased individual -- her name was Mrs. Greenhouse, of blessed memory -- had not been a person of means. She had lived in rent-controlled senior housing in a tall high-rise building off of Namaans Road. Her apartment had been too small to fit everyone into, so we conducted our worship service in the building’s communal laundry room, in the basement of the high-rise.

We assembled the ten elders together, and it was in this most humble of places that I began to lead the kaddish. Toward the end of the service, a door at the back of the laundry room opened, and who walks in but Senator Joe Biden, his head lowered, all by himself.

I nearly dropped my prayer book in shock.

Senator Biden stood quietly in the back of the room for the duration of the service.

At the close of the kaddish, I walked over to him and asked the same question that must have been on everyone else’s mind: “Senator Biden -- what are you doing here?”

And he said to me: “Listen, back in 1972, when I first ran for Senate, Mrs. Greenhouse gave $18 to my first campaign. Because that’s what she could afford. And every six years, when I’d run for reelection, she’d give another $18. She did it her whole life. I’m here to show my respect and gratitude.”

Now, the number 18 is significant in the Jewish faith -- its numbers spell out the Hebrew word chai, as in “to life, to life, l’chayim!” But it’s also a humble amount. Joe Biden knew that. And he respected that.

There were no news outlets at our service that day -- no Jewish reporters or important dignitaries. Just a few elderly mourners in a basement laundry room.

Joe Biden didn’t come to that service for political gain. He came to that service because he has character. He came to that service because he’s a mensch.

And if we need anything right now when it comes to the leadership of our country -- we need a mensch. I know this is such a simple, small story. But I tell it to as many people as will listen to me. Because I think that, in their heart of hearts, when people are trying to think about the decision they’ll make this year -- this is the kind of story that matters.

Joe Biden is a mensch. We need a mensch.

Thanks for reading.

"Let me explain something to you about Joe Biden...

Joe Biden is cut from a different cloth. And black folks understand that and for good reason. He has shown it. This is what showing up and being an ally looks like. When black people say they know Joe, this is how we know."

Lifelong GOP know Joe

Republicans For Biden

Republicans uniting to elect Joe Biden
You can vote for Biden and still be a Republican. Donald Trump is not a Republican, and he certainly is not conservative. Trump does not care about the Constitution, our civil institutions, or democratic norms. He has repeatedly shown he will violate the rule of law in order to stay in office and pardon his friends. Our group is focused on the mission of uniting Republicans to elect Joe Biden. We connect conservatives, moderates, independents, and all those right of center to provide a community where we can discuss our support for Biden and how we can speak to fellow Republicans about putting country over party. This election is not about agreeing with Biden 100% on the issues. It is about restoring the rule of law. It is about reclaiming decency. It is about the soul of our nation.

Christians Know Joe

Biden’s identity as “a very devout Catholic and person of deep faith,” deputy political director John McCarthy said, is “baked into the core messaging and core functions of the campaign.” Biden has framed his presidential bid as a fight for “the soul of the nation,” a subtle invocation of the Catholic beliefs that have guided his life. His campaign has released three digital ads focused on faith, including one crediting his religious practices with instilling a “sense of solace.”

Christian Democrats of America

Hear what Christina Forrester, Founder of Christian Democrrats of America and Christians Against Hate, had to say about the Christian community's embrace of Joe Biden.

Lindy Li

Biden Delegate 2020.
Political contributor,
@aacrfoundation Trustee.
Princeton Alumni Class President
Former Democratic Party Candidate for Congress, Pennsylvania

Escaping a Communist State with only her own life, with a family murdered for not falling into line. Lindy Li tells her story, and details how not supporting Bernie Sanders lead to be harrassed, stalked and acosted for not falling in line with like-minded liberals here in America, so many years later.

Vanity Fair's Article

Cancelled because of a video you didn't even make -Lindy Li was systematically targeted and harassed, resulting in the loss of her role as Treasurer and countless strangers harassing her every waking minute.
"That time (those times) #BernieBros tried to destroy my life."
Lindy Li
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    Representing the East Coast and West Coast for the working class, politics in the hip-hop community, popular culture, Black American Justice and LGBTQ+ Civil Rights

Jacquelyn Knows Joe

Nobody asked her. Not the Security Guard. Not the Janitors. Not the the help. Who to endorse for President of the United States was decided by what I can only imagine are millionaires making very large salaries, enjoying shareholder stock and making decisions based on what's in their own best interest.

"Giving all I have to see my niece and nephew living in a better future"


Everyday Joes, Janes & Jacquelyns

Fox News described Jacqueline, secuirty guard at The New York Times, as an "ordinary worker". We see two everyday Joes and Janes. There was a time when we didn't want polished slick-talkers that were robotic. Now we criticize candidates like Joe for being too human, too down-to-earth. We have a president in the White House who's federal tax system rewards billionaires and punishes the "ordinary worker" all in the name of "creating jobs". We're all already working. If you ask me, a down-to-earth human being is exactly who we need leading this country.
Do everyday Joes, Janes, Jacquelyn's, Jamals and Jose's matter?
Do Black voices matter?
Jacquelyn's Story

I Know Joe

Joe is my Ideal President

I want any everyday American. Down to earth. Humble. Honest. I don't care what they look like, their race, gender or age. I care about who they are and what they'll do. Character. And it was President Obama that made that my number one desired quality in a president. Did you know Joe was one of the poorest Vice Presidents of all time? Did you know in his entire career, he only ever just made his own salary? Did you know that for most of his life, the average doctor made more money than he did? After office, it was his book that made money. But rarely have we seen a (vice) President so everyday that the average VP at your job made more money than the VP of The United States. And of all the candidates on the stage, Joe is the only one with the integrity and class to embrace and enthusiastically nominate Kamala Harris as VP, or Beto, or Warren, or Mayor Pete alike to cabinet positions. He wouldn't hesitate to select the best candidate for the job, whether they've taken a jab at him or not, because he's actually a good guy. I also want to WIN. Joe is ideal, because not only is he the best of the qualities I've come to admire, but because I'm confident he'll beat Trump like a drum. And it sure helps me sleep better at night knowing how hard President Obama & Michelle, and the very large and wide, very diverse variety of support he'll have behind him.

When articles like @TheAtlPolitics @JohnGHendy this highlight how we treat people who mix up words and you know DAMN WELL what they meant; When I do the EXACT SAME THING EVERY SINGLE DAY; When my son feels the it’s injustice at 8 years old, it’s personal.

I’m so very proud of my boy. I’m proud of the man I am. I proud of @JoeBiden and I’m proud of all the honorable, honest candidates asking America to represent them. I’m not ashamed of misspeaking or jumbling words. I’m ashamed of those that shame it.

Joe Biden
We are a more just, more equal nation because of Justice Ginsburg. Now it’s up to all of us to carry on her fight.
Joe Biden
The 200,000 people we've lost to COVID-19 weren't nobodies, Mr. President. They were our parents and grandparents, sons and daughters, friends and co-workers. They were Americans.
Joe Biden
I’ve dealt with guys like Donald Trump my whole life. Guys who look down on you because they’ve got a lot of money. Guys who think they’re better than you. Guys who inherited everything they ever got in life — and then squandered it.
Joe Biden
We can’t let 2016 repeat itself. There’s simply too much on the line for anyone to sit this election out. Get registered to vote today: #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
Joe Biden
Let me be very clear, @realDonaldTrump: Not a single one of the 200,000 Americans we've lost to this virus was a "nobody."
Joe Biden
The last four years come down to the next 42 days. This is our moment — and if you vote, we’ll win. Head to and get registered today. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
Joe Biden
It didn’t have to be this bad.
Joe Biden
While other nations worked around the clock to get this virus under control, our president was too busy tweeting and golfing. Now, nearly 200,000 Americans have died. It didn’t have to happen this way.
Joe Biden
Thank you for the warm welcome, Manitowoc! With the help of companies like Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, we're going to revitalize American manufacturing and make sure the future is made here in America.
Joe Biden
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was proof that courage, conviction, and moral clarity can change not just the law — but also the world.
Joe Biden
Our frontline workers have sacrificed so much during this pandemic — the least President Trump could do is tell them the truth.
Joe Biden
Honor and decency are on the ballot this November.
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